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Apple Launched it’s Emergency SOS Via Satellite for iPhone 14 in these Countries



The iPhone 14 is start supporting the Emergency SOS Via Satellite because of it anyone can easily connect with emergency services Via Satellite if you aren’t able to access the Cellular network in November Apple Promises and and they launched it in two countries United States, Canada and in December Apple is planned to launch this service in France, Germany, Ireland, United Kingdom

Emergency SOS Via Satellite will be available in every device under iPhone 14 Series and it will help to send the Critical information to the emergency services and your friends and family which you allow to send this message. Along with this Apple is also packed with Crash detection in iPhone 14 series which helps a lot in emergency situation.

Apple Senior Greg Joswiak Vice President (VP) of World Wide Marketing  said “Emergency SOS Via Satellite connect to the Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP) which is dedicated to emergency situations iPhone 14 series also packed with indispensable tools that can get user the help they need while they are off the grid”

Greg also said “Our team worked Tirelessly to tackle new set of technical challenges to bring this service to lids, In-addition to building a reliable on-the-ground infrastructure” Emergency SOS Via Satellite is a breakthrough service available only on the iPhone 14 series and a new innovations that we hope will provide our customers some peace of Mind”

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