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Best Free Animation Movies on Youtube




  • YouTube is a big platform offering a treasure trove of short animated movies, both independent creations and gems from established studios.
  • This article will suggest some of the best-animated movies on YouTube available.
  • The global animation market is expected to grow significantly, with estimates ranging from a CAGR of 5.1% (reaching around $580 billion by 2032) to 7.5% (exceeding $836 billion by 2033).

Best Animation Movies on Youtube

YouTube is a vast platform that empowers indie animators to share their work, connect with their audience, build a fanbase, and potentially monetize their passion. This makes it an ideal choice for showcasing animation. However, finding cartoon movies on YouTube can be challenging. To help you out, we present a curated list of the best-animated movies on YouTube. Whether you’re looking for cartoon movies on YouTube or the best animation movies on YouTube, this list won’t disappoint.

Best Animation Movies on YouTube

  • Hair love
  • UMBRELLA | Oscar® Qualified and Multi-Award Winning Animated Short Film
  • Friendly Shadow | Dystopian Animated Short Film (2020)
  • Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero
  • A Folded Wish
  • Timber | Short Film about Solidarity by Nils Hedinger
  • Dinner for Few | Animated short film by Nassos Vakalis

Hair love

Hair Love

Hair Love is an Oscar-winning animated short, it follows the story of a loving African-American dad tackling his daughter’s hair for the first time. It’s a story about family, perseverance, and the power of love (“All it takes is a little work and a whole lot of love”). There’s even a sweet surprise at the end! So what are you waiting for, go and watch right now!

  • Directed by: Matthew A. Cherry
  • Total views by the time the article was published: 105,473,395 views
  • Release year: Dec 5, 2019



Based on a true story, “Umbrella” is a heartwarming short film about Joseph, a young boy living in an orphanage. He dreams of owning a simple yellow umbrella, and a chance encounter with a kind girl sparks a connection and offers a message of empathy and hope. This story is marvelous and very heart-touching. I would suggest you try it .

  • Directed by: Helena Hilario and Mario Pece
  • Total views by the time the article was published: 33,776,980 views  
  • Release year: Premiered Jan 7, 2021

Friendly Shadow

Autodale City seems happy, but people whisper about the scary monsters lurking outside. The government tells everyone these are silly rumors, there are no monsters! But the truth is, there are monsters, and they’re attacking the city more and more. After a really bad attack, the city calls on their best detective, the Friendly Shadow, to find out why the monsters are attacking and how to stop them. It’s interesting to watch.

  • Directed by:  David James Armsby
  • Total views by the time the article was published: 6,263,486 views
  • Release year: Jun 26, 2020

Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero

World War is coming, and a young soldier named Robert makes a new friend – a stray dog! He names the dog Stubby and they become best friends. Even though Stubby isn’t a trained army dog, they both end up fighting in the war altogether, facing danger and making another friend, a French soldier named Gaston. Stubby does such amazing things that he becomes the very first dog ever to be promoted to Sergeant. This movie is based on true events.

  • Directed by: Richard Lanni
  • Total views by the time the article was published: 563,346 views
  • Release year: April 13, 2018

A Folded Wish

A Folded Wish, an 8-minute 3D animated short film, tells the story of twin sisters fighting against a fatal disease. They fold origami cranes, hoping a thousand will grant them a wish for recovery. While the movie deals with a mature theme (illness), it might be suitable for older children due to its short length. So, if you’re looking for a short but emotionally impactful animated film, A Folded Wish might be the perfect choice

  • Directed by: JHan Tan, Lu Yee Ann, Michael Phuah, Nur Halimah binti Abdul Halim, Philip Oh, Quah Yu Sean, Sion Ng Jia Shen, Siti Balqis binti Abdul Rahman, Tan Chee Lim, Teng Xie Le, Teo Zhee Fong, Teo Zheng Yang, Tong Cheng Hin, Wong Kahzhuan, Wong Wai Hon, Yap Saw Sin, Yong Zheng Tat, Yusna Lim Yung San, and chyen
  • Total views by the time the article was published: 33,631,925 views
  • Release year: Apr 18, 2020

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In a cold, icy desert, a group of logs is about to freeze to death. They realize the only way to start a fire and stay warm is by using their own bodies as fuel. As they sacrifice themselves, the fire begins to grow, and things start heating up. Try this one as it’s only 4 min long.

  • Directed by: Nils Hedinger 
  • Total views by the time the article was published: 65,460,945 views
  • Release year:  Dec 4, 2017

Dinner for few

It is a wonderful and very thought-provoking animated short film.A small group stuffs themselves while everyone else barely gets a bite. This unfairness results in a fight for scraps, making a terrible disaster. The worst part? The children born after the tragedy offer no hope. They are just as greedy as their parents, suggesting this horrible system might continue. It isn’t too lengthy so you can watch it.

  • Directed by: Nassos Vakalis
  • Total views by the time the article was published: 9,733,413 views 
  • Release year:  Oct 29, 2020

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Are there any anime movies available on YouTube

No, there aren’t many full-length anime movies available for free on YouTube due to copyright restrictions but you can find them on platforms like Crunchyroll.

Can I watch good anime movies on YouTube?

As previously answered, anime movies are not available on YouTube. Howl’s Moving Castle, Your Name, and Weathering with You, are some of the good anime movies available on their respective platforms.

Where can I watch full-length anime movies legally?

Here are some popular streaming services that offer anime content:

  • Crunchyroll
  • Disney+ (depending on the region, some anime titles are available)
  • Hotstar (depending on the region)
  • Amazon Prime Video

For more information on OTT, please read Best OTT Platforms

What are some genres of anime movies? 

Action, adventure, fantasy, romance, comedy, drama, slice-of-life to name a few.

What are some famous anime movie directors?

Hayao Miyazaki (Studio Ghibli), Makoto Shinkai, and Mamoru Hosoda are some well-known names.

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