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Best Malayalam Web Series




  • In this article, we will suggest to you our top 10 Malayalam web series recommendations.
  • Each series on our list has been carefully selected, ensuring there is something for everyone’s taste and preference. These are some of the best Malayalam web series available.
  • Take a look at our recommendation. We hope you discover your next binge-worthy watch! These are some of the best web series in Malayalam that you shouldn’t miss.


Are you looking for some best web series in Malayalam to watch? You arrived at the right place. In this article, I present my carefully selected top 10 Malayalam web series. They are handpicked from various genres including thriller, comedy, crime, and family drama. These series promise to keep you entertained for hours.

Are you a fan of heart-pounding suspense or side-splitting laughter? Do you love gripping investigations or heartwarming stories of love and family? Our list has something for everyone.

Top 10 Malayalam Web Series

  • Masterpeace
  • Curry& cyanide
  • Menaka
  • Poacher
  • Something something like love
  • Perilloor Premier League
  • Kerala crime files
  • Just Married Things
  • Thera Para
  • Scoot!




Masterpeace is a funny malayalam show about a young married couple, Riya and Binoy. They appear to be living a comfortable life, while hiding a big problem that their parents keep sticking their noses in! Each episode shows how a fight starts between the young couple by their parent’s unwanted advice / action ,while the couple tries to find happiness despite the constant meddling.

Masterpiece’s humour shows how parents can be a bit much sometimes. But in a funny way, it also reminds us that talking things out and finding common ground is what helps new couples live happily ever after. You can watch this show with your family.

  • Rating: Not specified, but it’s a comedy-drama web series.
  • Release date: Oct 23 2023
  • Platform: Disney+hotstar
  • Genre: Comedy-drama

Curry & Cyanide

Curry & Cyanide: The Jolly Joseph Case

Curry & Cyanide: The jolly joseph Case is a true-crime documentary that will chill you to the bone ,  investigating six deaths in the same family – all linked to cyanide poisoning. With all fingers of suspicion pointing towards Jolly Joseph, a woman at the centre of tragedy. Based on first-person testimonials of individuals involved in the  Koodathai Cyanide killing case.

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Apart from just focusing on the crime scene, This documentary shows how these deaths impacted the whole community. This documentary will leave you wondering what truly happened and what are the lasting effects on everyone involved. This show targets mature audiences. 

  • Rating: Not specified, but it’s a true-crime documentary.
  • Release Date: 22 december 2023
  • Platform: Netflix
  • Genre: True crime documentary


Menaka is a  Malayalam crime thriller which follows Ajayan,a troubled writer who shocks everyone by appearing on a television show while declaring  his intentions to commit seven murders in seven days. This causes chaos and fear in the community, putting everyone on edge. A determined police officer, Jacob, leads the investigation to uncover the truth behind Ajayan’s actions and prevent potential consequences.

This series also delves into Ajayan’s mental state and motivation while promising a suspenseful cat and mouse chase as police race against time to prevent further bloodshed, maintaining suspense. This series is suited for a mature audience.

  • Rating: 7.9/10 on IMDb
  • Release Date: 1 September 2019 
  • Platform: Amazon Prime Video
  • Genre: Drama


“Poacher” is an intense thriller show on prime video.  Inspired by true events, the story unfolds in 2015,when the elephant population faced a serious threat from illegal ivory poachers. This series follows how a dedicated team of forest officers, NGO workers ,and police constables join forces to dismantle a ruthless poaching ring. Stakes are at high, as these ruthless poachers are willing to kill to protect their operation.

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The series highlights the harsh realities and devastating impact of poaching on elephants and the ecosystem. Also showcases the unwavering courage and determination of individuals who face numerous dangers to protect endangered wildlife. This series is suited for a mature audience.

  • Rating: 7.7/10 on IMDb
  • Release Date: February 2024
  • Platform: Amazon Prime Video
  • Genre: Thriller

Something Something Like Love

We have something different on our list. “Something Something Like Love” isn’t your typical love story. Instead is an anthology of six love stories where each story offers a different flavor of love. A slice of love that unfolds in familiar everyday settings like bustling workspaces or quiet college libraries. 

It’s a delightful journey for anyone who believes in love, is in love, doubts love, or hopes for love. This series promises to touch your heart with its varied tales of romance. If you are looking for a cosy night in this show is a perfect choice for it .

  • Release Date: 23 April 2021
  • Platform: ManoramaMax
  • Genre: Romance anthology

Perilloor Premier League

Perilloor Premier League is a political comedy-drama series. This story revolves around Malvika who embarks on a journey to unite with her crush. However, fate has a different plan. After a series of unpredictable events, she becomes  the panchayat president of Perilloor Grama Panchayat!! Talk about a plot twist. Story is really fun to watch.

It’s a fun and cheerful show perfect for relaxing and forgetting about your daily problems.With its talented cast, beautiful village scenery, and only 7 episodes, it’s a delightful escape for anyone looking for a feel-good experience. Plus it’s suitable for a general audience.

  • Rating: 7.5/10 on IMDb
  • Release Date: 5 January 2024
  • Platform: Disney+hotstar
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama

Kerala crime files

Kerala Crime Files is an Indian crime drama web series. Story takes place in 2011. It all begins when a dead body of a sex worker is found  at the local lodge. Circle Inspector Kurian and Sub-inspector Manoj  lead a team of five police officers who are determined to catch the person responsible.with a single clue ,a fake address on the register – “Shiju, Parayil Veedu, Neendakara.”

What makes this series stand out is its authentic portrayal of police work and intense storyline. Will the police manage to catch the killer? The climax reveals the true culprit, their motivation, and the resolution of the case. With strong performances and suspenseful twists, making it a must-watch for fans of thrilling mysteries. This series is suitable for a mature audience(16+).

  • Rating: 7.2/10 on IMDb
  • Release Date: 23 June 2024
  • Platform: Disney+hotstar
  • Genre: Crime, Thriller

Just Married Things

“Just Married Things” stands out as one of the finest malayalam comedy web series available on YouTube. The Story  revolves around a newlywed couple, Adithyan who is a Radio Jockey and Balamani who is an unemployed graduate from a village,who enter into an arranged marriage with their families’ blessings. and their funny struggles to lead a wonderful married life.

Just Married Things is a funny show about a newly married couple figuring out life together. It’s full of relatable situations that will make you laugh and think about your own relationships! It’s suitable for a general audience.

  • Rating: 9.2/10 on IMDb
  • Release Date: 1 November 2021
  • Platform: YouTube
  • Genre: Romance

Thera Para

Thera Para shows the lives of four friends- Lolan, George, Shibu, and Shambu as they struggle to become successful. Each episode showcases their hilarious attempts to secure jobs, earn money, and deal with the expectations of their families and friends.The friends live together and find humour in their daily lives. They try crazy things to save money, impress potential employers, and generally cause chaos in their shared apartment. 

“Thera Para” is a hilarious series about friendship and the struggles of young adulthood. This show is perfect for anyone looking to relax and enjoy some good comedy. Suitable for general audience.

  • Rating: 8.9/10 on IMDb
  • Release Date: 21 july 2018
  • Platform: YouTube
  • Genre: comedy


Scoot! Is a malayalam web series which follows two young men working in an IT company who decide to quit their jobs and start a business. They are joined by a new friend, things got complicated when they run into trouble with local goons. It’s a story of friendship, following your dreams, and the challenges young entrepreneurs face.

“Scoot!” is a story about friendship, taking risks, and chasing your passions, the series promises a blend of humour, ambition, and the challenges faced by young entrepreneurs.This series is perfect for anyone looking for a mix of drama and excitement. Suitable for general viewers. 

  • Rating: 8.9/10 on IMDb
  • Release date: 15 february 2020
  • Platform: YouTube
  • Genre: Comedy


Best Web Series Malayalam

This article mentions some of our suggested top 10 malayalam web series ,best malayalam web series , best web series , malayalam best web series in malayalam. 

Malayalam web series suitable for watching with the whole family?

“Perilloor Premier League” is most suitable to watch with the whole family ,from our list of top 10 Malayalam web series

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