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Best Tempered Glass Brands For Phones In India (2024)




  • Introduction about tempered glass for phones.
  • In this article, we see the best-tempered glass available for phones.
  • Tempered glass saves the phone screen.

In this generation, we all use fast graphic smartphones in daily life purpose, so we must ensure safety because most of the time phones will be dropped in homes by children or by individuals. When the phone is dropped the main part firstly we need to check its screen, Mostly times screen is saved by tempered glass because it has a layer on the main screen which help in safety of our smartphones. In this articles, we explore tempered glass for smartphones which is very helpful for us to save smartphones.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass for phones is generally a screen protector manufactured by heating the glass to very high temperatures and then quickly cooling it down; this results to the production of stronger glass that is used to protect the screens of the phones. It offers a great level of protection to prevent scratches, drops and impacts to fully shield the phone’s screen. Also, the tempered glass does not lose high clarity and haptic feedback, thus the usability of the device is not affected. Durable and relatively simple to apply and usually coming with anti-fingerprint coating, tempered glass screen protectors are widely used for mobile devices protection.

Benefits & Features Of Tempered Glass

  • Durability and Strength: The making of tempered glass involves heating of glass till it becomes soft and expandable and then cooling the glass in a very short time than the normal time of cooling the glass and thus making it stronger than the common glass. This makes it very hardly scratchable, dropable, and impactable.
  • Impact Resistance: This imply to mean that the screen protector can absorb the impact forces and so do away with them reducing the proneness of the actual phone screen to cracking.
  • High Clarity and Touch Sensitivity: A high clarity and touch sensitivity were obtained to improve the feelings of a user.
  • Optical Clarity: This is to mean that, anti-shock tempered glass protectors do not affect the color and brightness of the screen of the phone they were designed to protect.
  • Touch Sensitivity: Some new approaches used in the production are made in a way that the sensitive feature of the touch screen is preserved to prevent it from losing its delicate screen and operations which may cause it to lag or become less sensitive to touch.
  • Oleophobic Coating: The screen is oleophobic which makes it easy to clean, this is because it is in a position to minimize chances of acquiring the fingerprints from oils.
  • Smooth Surface: This coating also enhances the feel of the protector making it to have a glass like touch, making the usage of the phone better.
  • Easy Installation: Many tempered glass protectors come with installation accessories like micro fiber cleaning wipe, dust removing stickers as well as guide stickers to ease the installation of the protector.
  • Bubble-Free Application: In general when placing the tempered glass protectors they ought to be well positioned and in regards to the adhesive when applying it to the protectors some bubbles should not get in between.
  • Safety Feature: As for the second kind, Tempered glass for weakened and can easily be broken into very small pieces as compared to sharp splinters that are unsafe to handle.

Best Tempered Glass Available For Phones In 2024

Brand Features Compatibility
Doubledicestore Full Screen Coverage (Except Edges).The Original Gorilla Screenguard offers Bubble Free Application and Protects the Mobile Screen from Scratches. Additionally, it is Anti Fingerprint Temper Glass and has Oleophobic Coating iPhone XR / 11
Aeidess Tempered Glass feels far smoother than plastic PET screen protectors. Fingers glide across the protector as freely as with your original glass screen. iphone 12 Edge to Edge Full Screen Coverage
Acutas TouchSensitive, Anti-Shatter,AntiFingerprint, ScratchResistant, Bubble Proof OnePlus 6T, For Oneplus 7
Tough Lee The Glass offers Edge to Edge Case Friendly coverage where it is 2mm smaller from all the 4 sides to allow back covers to fit in. The Original Gorilla Screenguard offers Bubble Free Application and Protects the Mobile Screen from Scratches. The Original Gorilla Screenguard offers Bubble Free Application and Protects the Mobile Screen from Scratches. Additionally, it is Anti Fingerprint Temper Glass and has Oleophobic Coating Apple iphone 12, Apple iPhone 12 Pro
Popio Bubble proof, Scratch resistant, Anti fingerprint, Anti-shatter, Touch sensitive Samsung Galaxy M31 / M21 / F41 / M21s | Area of coverage: Covers full screen except edges
Spigen Screen Protector 9H Surface Hardness iPhone 15 Pro Max
MAGIC JOHN Screen Protector Oil Resistant, Anti-Fingerprint, 9 H Surface Hardness, Scratch Resistant iPhone & Samsung S24 Plus


It is important for us to ensure about drop safety of our smartphones by using the best quality tempered glass for phone screens. In this generation, everyone is aware of it but sometimes in the market fake tempered glass is also available which causes damage to smartphones, so choosing the best quality tempered glass for phone is necessary. The best tempered glass available is listed in this article which help you to find best quality tempered glass for your phone.


How to choose the best-tempered glass screen protector?

Consider factors such as compatibility, material quality, transparency, coating, installation process, case compatibility, impact and scratch resistance capabilities, warranty and customer support options when choosing a screen protector.

Do tempered glass screen protectors work against drops?

Tempered glass screen protectors are the best way to protect your smartphone’s touchscreen without compromising its sleek design and smooth, responsive capabilities. Likewise, they act as a shield against scratches, smudges, and even drops.

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