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Delete inactive WhatsApp account, remove data, warns Supreme Court




  • It is recommended that WhatsApp users who have changed their phone number remove their account.
  • This is due to the fact that deactivated numbers will be given to new customers once more.
  • The specifics of SC’s alert to WhatsApp users are shown below. 

WhatsApp users have been advised by the Indian Supreme Court to erase all of their data before canceling their account. The caution stems from a decision that permits telecom companies to transfer unused phone numbers to new customers. This implies that someone else could gain access to your WhatsApp account if it is still connected to a phone number you no longer use. 

WhatsApp users are advised by the Supreme Court

According to a report by Gadgets Now, telcos in India, such as Airtel, Reliance Jio, and Vodafone Idea, are able to reallocate deactivated or disconnected mobile phones. Following the 90-day statutory period, this is feasible. This implies that the telecom company may provide the same  phone number to a new user if it has been deactivated or disconnected for ninety days. 

How does that impact users of WhatsApp?

  • This can impact WhatsApp users whose account is still operational but whose number is no longer in use. Given that WhatsApp verifies users using their mobile numbers, it’s probable that a new user who registers will have access to an existing account.
  • It won’t be allowed to switch to a different device or register a new number on WhatsApp until your mobile number has been validated. The procedure to create a new WhatsApp account will be the same if you have access to a phone number.In this manner, they could be able to access the previous WhatsApp account’s chats and other data.
  • If a WhatsApp user intends to stop using the app, SC suggests that they cancel their account. Additionally, it suggests that users remove all WhatsApp data from their cloud storage accounts and devices. In this approach, a new account will be created rather than using an existing one, even if the same phone is used for WhatsApp. 

WhatsApp is developing email address verification to enable account access. If you’re transferring devices, you can still access your WhatsApp account using this method. However, you still need your mobile number to create a new WhatsApp account, so this is only another option.

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