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Difference Between a Smartphone And Mobile Phone




  • Introduction about smartphone and a mobile phone.
  • In this article we compare the smartphone and a mobile phone.
  • Advantages Of Smartphone.

In today’s generation mobile and cell phones are essential components of communication by calling and texting. Smartphones comes with more features than a simple mobile phone, In smartphone we have various option of communication like normal call, normal text and communication with various types of apps which provided video call, photos sharing, video sharing, etc. Other then a simple mobile phone comes with simple feature like call and texting only.

In this article we explore about the key differences between the smartphone and a simple mobile phone.


A Smartphone is a small device used mainly for communication with various types of application. It comes with more features and specifications than a simple mobile phone. They are portable devices which contains all the characteristic of a computer such as touch screen, internet connection and operating system in an integrated handheld device called smartphone. That’s why they are called ‘smartphones’ due to this specific innovation. The HTC Dream also known as the T-mobile G1 is considered the first smartphone. It comes with sliding keyboard, multi-touchscreen and it had a 3-megapixel back camera. 

Mobile Phone

A Mobile phone is a simple device used for communication and it comes with minimum features than a smartphones. They are portable device which contain only simple features like normal call and texting or SMS that’s why it is called mobile phone. The first commercially manufactured cellular mobile was the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X, through which people could make numerous calls more than what one could make through a landline telephone. There was no need of lines or cords to be connected to be able to call somebody.

Smartphone vs. Mobile Phone

Features Smartphone Mobile Phone
User Interface Touchscreen interface Keypad to enter text; Numeric keypad solely for numbers A special key or joy stick for controlling the cursor.
Operating System present day operating systems include but not limited to the Android, the iOS. Simpler and less derived from the basic propriety operating system or even easier versions of Android.
Applications It having a large number of users belonging to the large applications stores like Google Play and Apple App Store with the applications listed in millions. It can be provided that the card allows either some or no access to applications of a higher level; the applications granted by the card remain rather basic.
Internet Browsing Limited web browsing with improved browsers. Occurrence of very basic forms of what is often described as ’’Web surfing’’ or connection to a specific site or service.
Multitasking It Also can support running other applications at the same time. As with any touchscreen device, possibilities to use several devices at once are somewhat restricted.
Display Quality High-resolution,large screens. Lesser display points, or as it is referred to as the small number of pixels resolution.
Camera Digital cameras with many lenses, high resolution and as many characteristics as possible with reference to, for example, night mode, portrait mode. This is basically a webcam but with perverse little functionality that of a digital camera.
Storage Capacity Plenty of storage in the device per say (30 Gb to 512 Gb) with space for additional storage. In regard to the class, their internal memory is low, varying between 4GB to 8GB of networks, and in some this is even expandable.
Connectivity Options More connectivity which include wireless and mobile broadband, WLAN Bluetooth, Near Field Communication. In most of the scenarios, the connectivity is just stated with the reference to 2G/3G, or Bluetooth, only.
Multimedia Pertaining to having features of playing high-quality video and audio, it can be considered as streaming services. Mainly the replay of buttons that are basic multi-media controls that usually have low quality sound and picture that can at times be irritating.
Battery Life In general the battery lifespan is low due the high demand for power by the applications and the big touch screens. Due to the simple role and generally, smaller screens, the battery duration is usually longer.
Email and Messaging Mail clients, plus other communication programs that have an instant messaging component (like WhatsApp, Messnger). Certain of the fundamental features; ability to utilize the device for sending/receiving emails in addition to SMS/MMS.
GPS and Navigation Improved GPS and navigation applications and services with real time section. it consists of a brand’s non-GPS feature phones or the first GPS phones of a brand.
Gaming It is appropriate for the core, the graphically intensive games. Economy class, no flashy designs; predominantly low graphic and chip set games.
Customization Almost every aspect of the website can be altered ranging from themes, widgets, and even setting. Restricted options of modifications that can be done to the framework.
Voice Assistants Current innovations like Smartphones ( e. g. iPhone, Android phones), Smart homes gadgets, Wearables and Smart personal Assistants ( e. g. Siri, Google assistant). For a large of amount of users, the Voice Control is either not available at all or available only to a limited extent.
Security Features Others are; finger print scanners, facial recognition among others. Standard access normally employs a limited level of key Input, such us PIN.
Software Updates application service delivery can be in form of: fixed releases and updates, bug fixes. Rather a question of rarely or almost never updating the software that is being used.
Price Range Moreover, the average price, which can be considered primary, is rather higher and ranges from middle to high level. Many times cheaper and much more easy on the pocket.

Advantages Of Smartphone


Instant access to friends, family, colleagues, and in essence, the majority of the global population is possible through the usage of mobile phones. Unlike prior communication instruments, these can be always present for the caller and can be utilized from anywhere there is a signal.

Small and Convenient:

They are small enough to be fit pocket or any bag you are using. They don’t weigh much. For individuals who do not have ample budget to spend there are models which are fairly priced. If the battery dies, you can plug them into the car socket to charge them, or directly plug the cable into any socket outlet to charge, there are other models that can be charged wirelessly.


Many contemporary individuals use a smartphone for entertainment, for example. Individuals may watch movies on the big HD screen, listen to music, play games all on the latest upgraded Smartphones. Mobile devices are used in entertainment by every second person.

A person can always get the shows he likes, the news, any piece of content, all through his or her smartphone without having to be at home while using the services of like Netflix, Amazon Prime Time, and Star among others.

Good for Security:

There is an upgrade in the current society in as much as the criminal activities are concerned. When any of these, situations happen in front of you you can call the police or your loved ones on cell phone. Everyone could in some way or the other could utilize making a Phone call in an emergency, like an accident, getting lost or stuck somewhere, etc.


It is the generation of smart devices like smart phones because it comes with various features and advantages which is very helpful for daily purpose use for individuals. In this generation the use of simple mobile phone is minimum because it don’t have features which is required by todays youth, teen, professionals and business persons. In this article the key difference between smart and normal mobile phone is listed which very helpful for people to actually known about growth of mobile generations.


How is a smartphone different from a mobile phone?

A mobile phone and a smartphone are both mobile devices which you can use to call and text. The options for a mobile phone mainly end there, apart from the models that have a camera. A smartphone has all sorts of extra functions, like internet access, the option to download apps, and a better camera.

What is the basic knowledge about smartphones?

A smartphone is a cellular telephone with an integrated computer and other features not originally associated with telephones, such as an operating system (OS), web browsing and the ability to run software applications. Smartphones are used by consumers and as part of a person’s business or work.

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