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Exploring Top Educational Apps: An In-Depth Guide




  • Introduction to educational apps
  • Advantages and disadvantages of educational apps
  • In this article, we discuss the top educational apps

At the start of the pandemic of COVID-19, educational apps have seen a major expansion in the industry. After it the use of online learning education is normal nowdays, but with some of advantages and disadvantages towards upcoming generation. It creates great impact on educational industry. The technology emerging in this industry helps many students specially in the pandemic of COVID-19.

Educational Apps

Educational apps have made learning easy and accessible for people worldwide with just the click of a button. In the beginning, these apps were simple. They provided supplementary content, aiming the students with their school curriculum. This should be no shock, children have the ability to pick up new technologies faster than their parents, and they can do this by mimicking what they see in their learning environments, such as families, smart houses, and schools.

At the time of  COVID-19 pandemic, online learning apps found a new purpose. Educational apps are a great idea to use to complement children’s education, both in and offside of the classroom. The usage of images, videos, and sounds appealing to children’s minds, help them to engage better with this type of content rather than books or chalkboards. College students have also seen new applications to help them through university life.

Advantages Of Educational Apps

  • Educational apps are accessible from anywhere and anytime, most of them function on internet on access but sometimes they have preloaded material.
  • The usage of interesting material such as images and videos can help the students to focus outside of the classroom, which in time can reflect on better grades and an improvement in academic performance.
  • With help of educational apps teachers can monitor the progress report of each students which help teacher to communicate with students if they stuck somewhere or need help.
  • It is very cost effective than traditional text books and on this way it will help to those students who can not afford text books for learning.

Disadvantages Of Educational Apps

  • Technology is good, but it is also distractive. Students today are smart enough to find backdoors in school systems to surf the web or play games instead of learning.
  • The emotional development of little children is as important as getting good grades. A non-human device cannot feel how help a child students when he or she feels very low and worried about studies.
  • Increased stress and mood swings are often used as indicators of too much screen time in young children. The usage of education technology in schools will contribute to the screen time children are exposed to in a day.
  • This leads to developmental delays in social skills such as talking and interacting with others and may cause little children to become introverts.

Top Educational Apps


Target Audience: Students of classes 6t to 12th.


  • Homework help and doubt-clearing sessions
  • Textbook solutions
  • Video Lessons
  • Sample papers and mock tests
  • Easy revision notes
  • Previous year board papers
  • Study material for national olympiads
  • Courses for entrance exams like IIT-JEE, NEET, CA CPT, BBA, and NDA

Scholarship: Meritnation occasionally offers scholarships and discounts through various campaigns and partnerships. 

MyCBSE Guide

Target Audience:  CBSE students from classes 3rd to 12th.


  • Sample papers and mock tests
  • Video lessons and chapter-wise questions
  • NCERT solutions
  • Quizzes for gamified learning

Scholarship: MyCBSE Guide may have occasional offers and discounts but does not have a structured scholarship program.


Target Audience: Students of classes 6th to 12th  and competitive exam aspirants.


  • Individual and group classes
  • Two-way audio, video, and whiteboarding tools for interactive learning
  • Online classes for competitive exams and co-curricular courses

Scholarship: Vedantu offers scholarships through its Vedantu Scholarship Admission Test (VSAT) and other merit-based scholarship programs.

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Target Audience: Students with math problems from classes 6th to12th and IIT-JEE aspirants


  • Upload a picture of a math problem to get a video solution
  • Mathematics courses for NCERT and IIT-JEE
  • Videos, books, and PDFs for learning

Scholarships: Doubtnut may offer discounts and scholarships occasionally, typically announced through their app or website.


Target Audience: Global learners, individuals, and companies.


  • Over 50 million students
  • 150,000 courses
  • 57,000 instructors
  • Courses on a wide range of topics, including technology, business, personal development, and more
  • Learning solutions for individuals and corporate training

Scholarships: Udemy often offers discounts and special offers on courses, and periodically, they may have free courses or promotions. Specific scholarship programs are not typically a part of their model, but they do provide accessible pricing and occasional free courses to ensure broad access to education.


The educational apps plays a essential role in todays world for the students who really want to gain knowledge and want a great carrier path with lots of passion on learning. But in another area some of the students get easily distracted from his/her path. As educational apps become more prevalent, they should be used to augment traditional teaching methods and not replace them. This will ensure that children learn how to interact, express, and communicate during a class rather than just staring at a screen to learn something new.  


How to join BYJU’s Give Initiative?

Anyone can help underprivileged children in India through this initiative by giving old and unused smartphones, tablets or touch screens. You can sign up and the old device will be repurposed and given free to an underprivileged student.

Is the Toppr learning app completely free?

Yes. Topper learning app is free while ‘Toppr Codr’, live one-to-one coding classes for kids is paid. (free trial available)

Are there any free e-learning platforms offered by the Government of India?

Yes. Platforms like Swayam, Diksha, e-ShodhSindhu, e-PG Pathshala, Swayam Prabha and NTPEL are free and developed by GOI.

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