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Google Pay reportedly collects up to Rs 3 in convenience fees for mobile recharges in India




  • There are now reports that Google Pay is adding a convenience fee to mobile recharges.
  • In the beginning, Paytm and PhonePe charged a convenience fee for Mobile  recharges.
  • In the nation, Google Pay has over 60 million active users.

Google Pay reportedly collects up to Rs 3 in convenience fees for mobile recharges in India

Recently, convenience fees for mobile recharges were added to Google Pay. This is different from its prior strategy, in which users just had to pay the amount stipulated by the telecom operator and the service was entirely free. It is noteworthy to remark that there are over 60 million active users of Google Pay in the nation. Here are further facts and information regarding the new charges.

Convenience charge for Google Pay mobile recharges

  • Ankush, a Google Pay user, posted on the DesiDime forums stating that Google Pay is now adding a convenience fee to cell phone recharges. Specifically, he mentioned paying an extra Rs 3 for a Rs 749 Jio recharge. The report hasn’t been independently confirmed by 91Mobiles.
  • The extra charge could not have been tied to credit card purchases, as some apps impose a tiny premium as a payment gateway fee. He emphasized that the payment was made over UPI.
  • According to sources, this cost is now only applied by Google Pay for mobile recharges; other activities, such as paying utility bills, are still free. UPI transactions are still free of charge for both merchants and consumers.
  • It’s interesting that Google Pay has followed in the footsteps of other apps such as PhonePe and Paytm, which a few months ago added a convenience fee for telephone and other recharges.

Convenience fees are assessed by Google Pay using the following formula:

  • There is no fee up to Rs 100.
  • Rs 101–200: One rupee is charged.
  • Rs 201–300: A convenience fee of Rs 2 is imposed on users.
  • Rs 301 and up: Three rupees is the convenience cost.

Although Google has not formally disclosed the change to the convenience fee, on November 10, 2023, Google updated its Terms of Service for India. A new phrase called “Google Fees” has been included in this version. It mentions that there could be a minor cost for those who recharge their mobile devices.

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