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Google released a fix of Android 14 storage access issues




  • There is a storage access problem with the Google Pixel 6 and later variants.
  • Some devices are trapped on a reboot loop, and this demands a reset.
  • According to Google, an update has been released that should resolve this problem.

Android 14 upgrade, Google Pixel devices, including the Pixel 6 and later versions, have been experiencing a problem. Certain devices even force the user to reboot them in order to deny them access to the media storage. After addressing the problem, Google released an update that ought to resolve it. 

Google Pixel storage access issue

  • Google clarified the problem on their support page by stating that the principal user cannot access media storage.
  • The device may also reboot with the notification “Factory data reset” displayed. There isn’t a way out of this; accepting the notification will restart the device, but users risk losing any data that wasn’t stored up. The device will continuously reboot with the notification “Pixel is starting” if this is rejected.
  • According to Google, it only impacts Pixel 6 and subsequent models that have received the Android 14 upgrade. It specifically impacts devices that have many users, such as visitors, users, limited accounts, and users with children.
  • It also made it clear that this bug does not affect devices that have several Google accounts associated with their primary user or work identities.

Google stated on its support page, “We’re continuing to work on fixes for impacted devices, and have already pushed out a Google Play system update that will help prevent this issue from being triggered on additional devices.”

You can follow these steps to see whether there is an update if your Pixel is affected by this problem:

  • Get your Pixel’s Settings app open. 
  • After choosing Security & Privacy, press Updates.
  • To get security updates and Google Play system updates, tap Security Update.
  • then adhere to any instructions shown on the screen. 

Devices that block access to media storage should be fixed with the help of this system upgrade. However, Google stated that it is looking into the matter and will provide an update shortly for those devices that are caught in the “Pixel is starting” boot loop. If you’ve already restarted your device, Google advises against adding a secondary device until the OTA update is released.

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