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Important Factors To Consider Before You Buy a Gaming Smartphone




  • Introduction about the gaming smartphones
  • In this article we help you to buy a gaming smartphone by considering some key factors
  • Top Gaming Smartphones in 2024

The smartphone industry grew as the high graphics gaming feature is coming and possible in smartphones. The mobile manufacturing units are now having smartphone variants dedicated to gaming purposes. These devices aim to offer a better gaming performance, focussing on areas that would matter more to gamers than others, like faster storage and a better processor over a multi-sensor camera. In this articles we explore about various factors to consider before buy a gaming smartphone and see the top websites where you can buy a best gaming smartphone.

Gaming Smartphone

A gaming smartphone is a mobile phone designed for mainly gamers and gaming people. It consist of high graphics card, a fast processor like snapdragon, high battery backup and fast charging mode. If buying a smartphone today wasn’t confusing enough already due to the various variety of brands and variants at hand, we have smartphones dedicated to gaming now. The handsets offer performance and battery-saving features that are best suited for gaming.

It is important to learn about the elements that make a smartphone great in gaming before you buy one. So, we have listed out the most important factors to consider when buying a smartphone for gaming.

Factors To Consider Before Buying a Gaming Smartphone


  • Common Issue: Handsets often get hot due to prolonged screen usage.
  • Technological Advancements: Modern phones come with pre-installed cooling mechanisms.
  • Processor Performance: The heating effect of the battery should not affect the processor’s performance.
  • Cooling Importance: Cooling is a primary consideration when buying a gaming phone.
  • Trustworthy Sources: Rely on trustworthy reviews and discussions before making an investment.

Battery Backup & Charging

  • Increased Power Consumption: Playing games on a smartphone draws more power.
  • Big Battery Capacity: Ensure your phone has a decently big battery capacity.

Battery Drain Factors:Higher resolution

  • Higher refresh rate
  • Higher graphic settings on games
  • Recommended Battery Size: Your phone should have at least a 4,500mAh battery for decent battery life during longer gaming sessions.

Screen Resolution

  • Higher Resolution Screen: Ensures games look good.
  • Modern Gaming Screens: Often come with 90Hz or 120Hz support.

Benefits of Higher Refresh Rates

  • Useful in games where every frame counts.
  • Enhances split-second decision-making.
  • Increased Frames Per Second: Higher refresh rate displays show more frames per second compared to traditional 60Hz screens.

Buttons and keys

  • Shoulder Buttons: Typically found on higher-end gaming phones.
  • Importance: Provide handy physical controls for various games.


  • Asus ROG series: Comes with shoulder triggers.
  • Black Shark series: Features customizable shoulder triggers.
  • Customization: Shoulder triggers can be mapped to controls of your choice, enhancing gameplay.

Upcoming Models

The Poco F3 GT is rumored to have retractable shoulder buttons.

Support 3.5mm Audio and Third-Party Accessories

  • 3.5mm Jack: This may seem redundant on modern phones due to the rise of Bluetooth-based audio solutions like true wireless earbuds.
  • Gamers’ Preference: Many gamers prefer 3.5mm headphones or earphones because they offer zero latency.
  • Zero Latency: No delay between game sound generation and hearing it.
  • Lag-Free Experience: For an absolutely lag-free audio experience, consider phones that still support the 3.5mm jack.
  • Not Crucial, but Beneficial: While not essential, the presence of a 3.5mm jack can enhance gaming audio quality and performance.

Best Gaming Smartphones in 2024

  • Nubia Red Magic 9 Pro
  • Asus ROG Phone 8
  • One Plus 12R
  • Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max


All the tips and suggestions that we have included in this article are probably the most important ones that one needs to take into consideration. Though, it’s still better to assume that it’s almost impossible to buy a perfect phone as of now. If one smartphone falls under your budget, it would have one or more flaws. But if you somehow find a phone with no flaws, it will be out of your budget; such is the condition with smartphones right now.


What would be the two features in your phone that you feel are necessary for gaming?

Performance and cooling are essential features

Which are the top two best phones for gaming?

Asus ROG Phone 8 Pro and RedMagic 8S Pro

Why is cooling important in a gaming smartphone?

Cooling Mechanisms: Gaming phones generate heat during intensive gaming sessions. Effective cooling mechanisms prevent overheating, ensuring consistent performance and protecting the hardware.

How does battery capacity affect gaming?

Higher battery capacity (at least 4,500mAh) is crucial for longer gaming sessions. Gaming, higher resolutions, and refresh rates drain the battery faster, so a bigger battery ensures longer playtime.

Why are higher refresh rates beneficial for gaming?

Higher refresh rates (90Hz or 120Hz) display more frames per second, providing smoother visuals and better responsiveness, which is particularly beneficial in fast-paced games.

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