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Comprehensive Indian Sports Channel List and Coverage




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Indian sports channel list

India boasts a dynamic sports scene, and to cater to the enthusiasm of its fans, there’s a wide run of devoted sports channels accessible. This article gives a thorough list of all the unmistakable sports channels in India, guaranteeing that watchers never miss a minute of their favorite sporting events.

India incorporates a wealthy culture of sports, and this is often reflected within the assortment of sports channels accessible to watchers. These channels broadcast a wide range of sports, including cricket, football, tennis, and more. This article records a few of the best Indian sports channels, their key highlights, and what sports they fundamentally cover.

Featured Channels

  • Star Sports Network
  • Sony Sports Network
  • ESPNcricinfo
  • DD Sports
  • Eurosport India
  • Hotstar
  • Neosports

Other Key Channels

  • Neo Sports
  • Ten Sports
  • Jio Sports
  • Sky Sports Cricket
  • Fox Sports Australia

Star Sports Network

Star Sports 1

  • Content: Cricket, football, kabaddi, and other major sports events.
  • Languages: English
  • Special Highlights: Comprehensive scope of major cricket competitions, counting IPL, worldwide matches, and household leagues.

Star Sports 2

  • Content: A blend of sports, including football, tennis, and motorsports.
  • Languages: English
  • Special Highlights: Broad scope of football alliances like ISL, and tennis tournaments.

Star Sports Select HD

  • Content: Premium sports occasions, including worldwide football, rugby, and Amazing Hammer tennis.
  • Languages: English
  • Special Highlights: High-definition scope of worldwide sports occasions with master analysis.

Sony Sports Network

Sony Ten 1

  • Content: WWE, tennis, and major universal sports events.
  • Languages: English
  • Special Highlights: Live scope of WWE, UEFA Champions Association, and ATP tennis.

Sony Ten 2

  • Content: Football, ball, and other worldwide sports.
  • Languages: English
  • Special Highlights: Centers on European football associations like La Liga and Serie A.

Sony Six

  • Content: Cricket, UFC, and NBA.
  • Languages: English
  • Special Highlights: Live broadcasts of cricket matches, UFC occasions, and NBA games.


  • Content: cricket, football, kabaddi, and more.
  • Languages: Hindi
  • Special Highlights: Exclusive live coverage of cricket matches, including IPL, ICC tournaments, and domestic leagues. Streaming of football leagues .Original series and shows.


  • Content: cricket matches, including domestic leagues and international tournaments.
  • Languages: Hindi
  • Special Highlights: Comprehensive coverage of cricket events. Telecasts of football leagues and tournaments from around the world. Exclusive coverage of tennis Grand Slam events and motorsports championships.

Other Major Sports Channels

DD Sports

  • Content: An assortment of sports, counting cricket, football, games, and more.
  • Languages: Numerous Indian languages
  • Special Highlights: Free-to-air channel with scope of national and universal sports events.


  • Content: Motorsports, cycling, and winter sports.
  • Languages: English
  • Special Highlights: Specializes in specialty sports and gives broad scope of motorsports and cycling events.

Star Sports 3

  • Content: Territorial sports substance and residential leagues.
  • Languages: Hindi
  • Special Highlights: Centers on sports occasions with Hindi commentary, covering household cricket and kabaddi alliances.

List and DTH Provider Details

India offers a variety of sports channels available through different DTH (Direct-to-Home) providers. Below is a comprehensive list of popular sports channels along with their corresponding channel numbers across major DTH providers such as Tata Sky, Airtel Digital TV, Dish TV, and Sun Direct

Star Sports Network

Star Sports 1

  • Tata Sky: Channel 455
  • Airtel Digital TV: Channel 277
  • Dish TV: Channel 603
  • Sun Direct: Channel 500

Star Sports 1 HD

  •   Tata Sky: Channel 454
  •   Airtel Digital TV: Channel 278
  •   Dish TV: Channel 602
  •   Sun Direct: Channel 984

Star Sports 2

  •  Tata Sky: Channel 457
  •  Airtel Digital TV: Channel 279
  •  Dish TV: Channel 605
  •  Sun Direct: Channel 502

Star Sports 2 HD

  •  Tata Sky: Channel 456
  •   Airtel Digital TV: Channel 280
  •   Dish TV: Channel 604
  •   Sun Direct: Channel 986

Star Sports Select 1

  • Tata Sky: Channel 464
  •  Airtel Digital TV: Channel 283
  •  Dish TV: Channel 646
  •  Sun Direct: Channel 524

Star Sports Select 1 HD

  •   Tata Sky: Channel 463
  •   Airtel Digital TV: Channel 284
  •   Dish TV: Channel 645
  •   Sun Direct: Channel 983

Sony Sports Network

Sony Ten 1

  • Tata Sky: Channel 471
  • Airtel Digital TV: Channel 285
  • Dish TV: Channel 611
  • Sun Direct: Channel 508

Sony Ten 1 HD

  • Tata Sky: Channel 470
  • Airtel Digital TV: Channel 286
  • Dish TV: Channel 610
  • Sun Direct: Channel 976

Sony Ten 2

  • Tata Sky: Channel 475
  • Airtel Digital TV: Channel 287
  • Dish TV: Channel 613
  • Sun Direct: Channel 511

Sony Ten 2 HD

  • Tata Sky: Channel 474
  • Airtel Digital TV: Channel 288
  • Dish TV: Channel 612
  • Sun Direct: Channel 977

Sony Six

  • Tata Sky: Channel 484
  • Airtel Digital TV: Channel 291
  • Dish TV: Channel 623
  • Sun Direct: Channel 533

Sony Six HD

  • Tata Sky: Channel 483
  •  Airtel Digital TV: Channel 292
  • Dish TV: Channel 622
  • Sun Direct: Channel 981

Other Major Sports Channels

DD Sports

  • Tata Sky: Channel 453
  • Airtel Digital TV: Channel 298
  • Dish TV: Channel 639
  • Sun Direct: Channel 510


  • Tata Sky: Channel 496
  • Airtel Digital TV: Channel 305
  • Dish TV: Channel 630
  • Sun Direct: Channel 518


India brags a wide cluster of sports channels catering to different gatherings of people and interfaces. Major systems like Star Sports and Sony Sports rule the showcase with their broad and high-quality scope of prevalent sports such as cricket, football, tennis, and more. Channels like DD Sports give free-to-air alternatives, making sports open to a broader gathering of people, whereas Eurosport centers on specialty sports, including motorsports and cycling.

Whether you’re a fan of standard sports or have an affinity for less commonly broadcast occasions, the Indian sports channel scene has something for everybody. From live broadcasts of major worldwide competitions to the scope of residential alliances in different dialects, these channels guarantee that sports devotees in India can remain associated with their favorite occasions and groups.


Does Star Sports Select HD provide coverage of tennis tournaments?

Yes, Star Sports Select HD gives a high-definition scope of Amazing Pummel tennis competitions.

Which football leagues are covered by Sony Ten 2?

Sony Ten 2 covers European football associations such as La Liga and Serie A.

What types of sports are broadcast on Eurosport?

Eurosport specializes in motorsports, cycling, winter sports, and other specialty sports, giving a broad and committed scope to these occasions.

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