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Instagram now let you Include Multiple Lists in Stories, Audio and Selfie Video Notes and More




  • To let everyone know it’s your birthday, Instagram now allows you to add a birthday effect.
  • On Instagram, you can even include voice memos and video selfies as notes.
  • View all of Instagram’s newest features. 

In honor of Instagram’s 13th birthday, Meta has added a number of new tools and features. The GenZ audience will benefit from the new Instagram features, which are intended to give them a means to “creatively express themselves on the platform.” Birthdays, Audio Notes, Selfie Video Notes, and Multiple Lists are among the new Instagram Stories features. 

Instagram New features


Instagram is using stickers and confetti to make it more evident that it is someone’s birthday. Through the addition of an effect to your profile photo, this feature will let your followers know that it is your birthday. When you do this, confetti will be added to your profile photo to signify that it is your birthday. You have the option of sharing this birthday impact with all of your friends or just those on your close friend list. 

According to Instagram, there will be additional options for people to recognize your birthday, and the accounts you connect with the most may also receive alerts.  

Audio notes and selfie video notes

By now, you must be accustomed to notes. You can share text-based notes and audio clips as notes, and these show up above your inbox. Voice recordings can now be shared on Instagram as notes, along with selfie videos. Voicemail messages and selfie videos will remain on your profile for 24 hours. 

Multiple lists in Stories

This function was being tested by Instagram earlier this month, and it has since been decided to go live. Multiple lists can now be created for various audiences to view your articles. You can currently create a list of your closest friends and share certain tales with them only. However, Instagram now offers the possibility to create additional lists with specific audiences.

These stories have been made available globally by Instagram, so everyone should be able to access them. It can take some time before all users receive the features because they have only begun to roll out. Even if Meta claims that these features are especially for GenZ, all age groups may and ought to use them.

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