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iOS 17.1 update to fix iPhone 12 radiation issue




  • The radiation problem with the iPhone 12 will be fixed with the iOS 17.1 release.
  • With this update, a feature that interfered with the radiation output of the iPhone 12 will be disabled.
  • A new feature for the Action Button will also be included in the iOS 17.1 update.

Later this month, Apple is anticipated to release the iOS 17.1 update. The third beta version for iOS 17.1 that allows us a sneak peek at the new features and enhancements has already been made available. A repair for the radiation problem with the iPhone 12 in France is one significant item that will be included in iOS 17.1. The Action Button on the iPhone 15 Pro models will undergo a significant alteration as a result of the iOS 17.1 upgrade. 

iOS 17.1 update for France’s radiation problem on the iPhone 12

After several testing revealed that the iPhone 12 exceeded radiation thresholds, sales of the smartphone were halted in France. Apple denied these claims, but it nonetheless decided to provide a software upgrade to address the radiation problem with the iPhone 12. This repair, which disables a function that interfered with the radiation level of the iPhone 12, will be included in the iOS 17.1 release.

iPhones include an off-body detecting capability that enables a slightly higher transmit power when the phone is placed down, for example on a table, for more than ten years. This has successfully passed rigorous testing and international verification as a method of SAR compliance. Since the phone is on the table and not your body, the slightly higher power is not relevant for SAR compliance, according to Apple’s support website. 

“The ANFR was using a testing method that does not account for this off-body detecting function, preventing a slight boost in power when required.In order to accommodate this test procedure, we have provided a software update for users in France that disables this feature.

iOS 17, the Action Button will get a new feature

According to report by 9to5Mac, a crucial improvement will be made to the Action Button in iOS 17.1 beta 3. Users will now need to press the Action Button for a longer period of time to activate it while it is in their pockets. This will only be necessary if the iPhone detects that it is in a pocket in order to stop the Action Button from being mistakenly pressed.

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