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iPhone 15 series will come with bigger battery, New color option: report




  • iPhone 15 series will come with a bigger battery
  • iPhone 15 Pro series will come with New color
  • iPhone 15 series will come up to 18 percent battery increase

Apple will unveil its iPhone 15 series later this year and the lineup carries: iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max and many leaks are coming about iPhone 15 series and recently iPhone 15 Pro Max case renders are revealed.

Models iPhone 14 series iPhone 15 series Increase Percent
Normal 3279mAh 3877mAh 18.3
Plus 4325mAh 4912mAh 13.6
Pro 3200mAh 3650mAh 14.1
Pro Max 4323mAh 4852mAh 12.2

iPhone 15 series battery upgrades

Apple will increase the battery size in iPhone 15 series and according to a report by ITHome citing Foxconn source iPhone 15 series will come with 18% battery increase.

iPhone 15 will pack with 3,877mAh battery which is the (18 percent) increase from its Predecessor. iPhone 15 Plus will come with 4,912mAh battery (13.6 percent), iPhone 15 Pro with 3,650mAh battery (14.1 percent) and the top model iPhone 15 Pro Max will pack with 4,582 battery (10.9 percent) increase from its Previous model.

iPhone 15 series New colors

For now Apple offers six color options in iPhones and in iPhone 15 series Apple will also expected to launch the Crimson red color and according to report by 9to5Mac citing a Weibo source the Crimson red color will also same as the Deep Purple color in iPhone 14 series which mean the crimson red color will also come with “very deep” red color. Possibly it will replace the Product (Red).

iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus are also said to come with a new Green color option, this Green color will be similar to the iPhone 11, iPhone 12 lineup Mint Green color option not like dark Green color in iPhone 13.

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