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Jio 5G will launch in India by this Diwali these cities will get the 5G services first



Reliance the one of biggest Indian telecom operators is rollout the 5G plans in Reliance 45th AGM In starting they offers there 5G services in few metro cities by this Diwali and Jio also promised they will expand the 5G service in Pan India that means in every cities,  towns by the end of December 2023

Jio has invested 2 Lakh crores on 5G services and the Jio 5G will run on the latest version of 5G technology which SA (Stand alone) technology helps to give better connectivity, Low latency etc. Without any dependency on the previous 4G network Stand-Alone technology offers amazing connectivity with low latency with consistent speed and much more.

Jio 5G will be available in 3500Mhz Mid-frequency, 26Ghz Millimeter wave bands and 700Mhz Low frequency band basically this will give better indoor coverage & connectivity. Jio says it’s 5G services will offer better connectivity, High speed, affordable and it can cover many locations in our country.

Jio introduce three-Fold advantages

  • SA (Stand-Alone) 5G architecture
  • Largest & best Mixed Spectrum
  • Career Aggregation

Jio 5G India rollout date is announced

Jio says by this Diwali they will roll out their 5G services in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai Kolkata and by the end of december 2023 Jio will expand it’s 5G services Pan in India that means in every cities and towns. They also says it’s 5G rollout will be the fastest in the world without any dependency on 4G network that means Purly SA Stand-Alone

The stand alone technology also claims it will offer latest and powerful features : Low latency, High speed, Power machine to machine communication, meta verse, AR, edge computing, network slicing and many more.

Along with 5G, Jio is also launching billions of smart sensors which helps to make a revolution in the Internet of things. In Reliance AGM Jio says that It’s 5G network is being developed by 2000+ young Jio Engineers along with that they also claiming they will increase the broadband speed 

offer low latency with better connectivity.

Jio also announced the Jio Air Fiber a Ultra high speed hotspot

Jio Air Fiber can offer a very high speed of internet without any optical fiber wire. It only needs electricity to run and Jio Air Fiber will offer you to do: Cloud gaming, Multimedia consumption in High Quality, Jio Cloud PC, and etc.

At the AGM, the Jio showcased the Jio Air Fiber device. You only have to Plug in the Jio Air Fiber in the electric socket that’s it. Users can enjoy the high speed, Low latency internet wirelessly like broadband. It will help in many places to reduce the wire with better wireless connectivity.

Jio doesn’t release the launch date of the Jio Air Fiber but will be available after the 5G service will roll out in the country which starts from this Diwali.

Jio 5G will launch in India by this Diwali these cities will get the 5G services first

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