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JioMotive Plug-and-Play 4G GPS tracker with theft alert for cars launched in India: price, features and availability




  • An OBD-II port on any car can be used to attach the 4G JioMotive 2023 gadget.
  • The JioMotive 2023 can be installed by users without the assistance of a technician.
  • Drivers can always keep an eye on the whereabouts of their cars thanks to the real-time vehicle tracking tool.

The JioMotive gadget was introduced in India by Reliance Jio. A cost-effective vehicle tracker, the JioMotive (2023) connects to the OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) port of the vehicle and operates as a straightforward Plug-and-Play gadget.

After configuring the device, automobile owners can take use of a number of functions, such as a 4G GPS tracker, live position tracking, the ability to establish time and location limitations, health checks on the vehicle, anti-towing and theft alarms, accident detection, and the ability to create a Wi-Fi hotspot.

JioMotive (2023) cost and availability in India

  • Customers in India can purchase the JioMotive (2023) for Rs 4,999.
  • Customers have access to a number of purchasing options, including Amazon, Reliance Digital, Jio Mart and more.
  • It has been claimed that the corporation is offering a gratis one-year subscription; thereafter, the annual subscription charge would be Rs 599.

Features of JioMotive (2023)

  • Connecting the 4G JioMotive 2023 to an OBD-II port on any car is possible; these ports are usually found under the steering wheel.
  • Without the need of a technician, users may effortlessly install the JioMotive 2023 themselves.
  • Drivers can use the JioThings app to continuously follow the whereabouts of their vehicles thanks to the real-time vehicle tracking feature.
  • Users can construct virtual limits of any shape with geo-fencing and time-fencing, and they can set up alerts to notify them instantly when their car enters or quits these zones.
  • Only Jio SIM cards are compatible with the JioMotive gadget. Customers will not require a second SIM card because the JioMotive will be included in their current Jio smartphone subscription.
  • The Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) alerts sent by the device’s app will inform consumers about the condition of their car.
  • After installation, the application will evaluate and show the driver’s actions while operating a vehicle.
  • In addition, the gadget provides speed tracking, in-car Wi-Fi, alarms for towing, tampering, and accidents, and a 10-second data reception delay.
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