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MIUI custom skin to be replaced with MI OS, MIUI 14 may be last official version




  • The final official release of MIUI could be version 14.
  • There won’t be a MIUI 15 release, but Xiaomi will continue to provide updates for older versions of MIUI.
  • This year’s MI OS project was detected in testing and is probably present in the Xiaomi 14 series.

People at Xiaomiui, who virtually solely cover news about Xiaomi, reject the assertion that the company isn’t working on MIUI 15 at all. According to the magazine, the business is reportedly testing MIUI 15 internally and has released screenshots of the custom skin being used to test several Xiaomi smartphones. The official servers were used to gather the internal build hints. The study further states that there is no current pertinent information available on Mi OS. 

Xiaomiui does not entirely rule out the potential that the company may eventually migrate from MIUI to Mi OS. If this changes, it will only affect China because the brand must ship with Android in order to use Google Play Store, which means Mi OS won’t be available everywhere.

Xiaomi’s internal, Android-based proprietary skin is called MIUI. With almost 13 years of development, MIUI is reportedly the longest-running Android skin on the market. According to speculations, MIUI 14 may be the final iteration of the operating system. Instead, the company will launch a brand-new MI OS, presumably by the end of this year or the beginning of 2024. The Xiaomi 14 series is probably going to have the MI OS project, which was discovered in testing earlier this year.

  • According to tipster DigitalChatStation, MIUI 14 may be the final official release of Xiaomi’s specialized Android skin.
  • There won’t be a MIUI 15 but the business will still provide updates for older MIUI versions.
  • A significant UI upgrade over the MIUI layer is anticipated with the new bespoke MI OS skin, which was developed internally.
  • The MiOS name and mios.cn domain are already trademarked by Xiaomi in China.
  • Xiaomi might create the OS from scratch rather than using AOSP as the source code for the present MIUI.
  • The news has not been confirmed by Xiaomi, and the company is remaining entirely mute.
  • Over 564 million people use MIUI each month worldwide.

As previously stated, an alpha version of the new MI OS was seen being tested in March 2023. The forthcoming Xiaomi 14 series will debut this. It is still necessary to sell phones with the official Android skin in international markets, even if Xiaomi creates a wholly owned OS like Huawei’s Harmony OS.

Creating a new operating system will help Xiaomi build its own ecosystem and offer it the ability to create unique features that will function across a variety of devices, including phones, tablets, smartwatches, and other wearables, and even seamlessly communicate with one another.

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