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Nothing makes iMessage available on Android, saving you from switching to an iPhone




  • A new chat app that works with iMessage is called Nothing Chats.
  • Users of iMessage who have the blue bubbles experience can be texted.
  • However, it’s limited to Phone (2) users and a few countries. 

One key feature that distinguishes iPhones from Android phones is iMessage. The blue bubbles have received so much attention that they’ve almost become standard for iPhone owners. One of the biggest reasons some iPhone users won’t move to an Android phone is iMessage. With an app that allows you to text iMessage users from the phone, Nothing has now entered the picture (2). 

Nothing Chats app with support for iMessage

According to Nothing the new software “wants to break those barriers down” or that texting services are “dividing phone users.” Nothing Chats was created in collaboration with Sunbird, a messaging service that offers a separate app for chatting with iMessage users. 

Nothing Chats allows you to text other iMessage users in addition to providing you with the iMessage experience. Thus, in addition to several essential iMessage functions, Nothing Chats allows you to send messages with blue bubbles. These consist of the ability to send original, high-quality media, participate in group conversations, and see when someone is typing.

You may even text message other people with it since it supports SMS. Message reactions, read receipts, and message editing are not yet supported by the app. Yet there are no immediate plans to introduce them.

Tapback reactions on the Nothing Chats don’t yet function correctly, according to a report by The Washington Post (via The Verge). Group chats require improvement as well because some messages had to be sent more than once. Moreover, group discussions with iMessage users can only function if everyone is a user of iMessage. This implies that group chats with iMessage and other Android users are not possible. 


Currently in beta, Nothing Chats will be accessible to Phone (2) users in the US, Canada, UK, and EU starting this Friday. The Play Store will provide the app for download. The startup intends to provide Nothing Chats in additional nations shortly.

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