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Nothing OS 2.5 based on Android 14 update announced for Nothing Phone (2): features, download guide




  • Downloads of Nothing OS 2.5, which uses Android 14, are currently available.
  • You may see here how to download it on your Nothing Phone 2 while it is in Open Beta 1.
  • Nothing in OS 2.5 features goes beyond Android 14 enhancements and delights.

The Nothing OS 2.5 based on Android 14 has not yet been made public. The largest update since Nothing OS 2.0, is this one. The user experience is improved with its own unique delights and optimizations in addition to the latest Android capabilities. For Nothing Phone (2), the Nothing OS 2.5 open beta 1 upgrade is currently accessible. 

Nothing OS 2.5  features

What’s new in the Nothing OS 2.5 upgrade is as follows:

  • The widgets library’s user interface has been updated to make them more visible.
  • On the home screen and lock screen, a new Photos widget plays through your photos like a slideshow. 
  • A new screenshot editor and menu allow you to modify and remove pictures fast.
  •  The back gesture indication adheres to the Nothing design aesthetic and is dot-based.
  • On the home screen and in the app drawer, it is simple to hide app icons; however, you can still access them by swiping right in the app drawer. The latter was additionally available in the prior build. However, it is noted in the Nothing OS 2.5 changelog for whatever reason.
  • On Nothing OS, a screenshot may now be taken with a three-finger swipe. The screenshot preview has an integrated toolbox for editing. 
  • The power button may be double-tapped to launch any app or activate any function.
  • There is an option to do away with the app drawer and place all of your apps directly on your home screen. 
  • The glass filter for wallpapers in Nothing OS 2.5 transforms any phone background into the distinctive Nothing wallpaper appearance. If solid-colored wallpapers are more your style, you can certainly use those.
  • Features of Android 14 include a monochrome theme for the entire user interface, a back gesture to interact with apps, a revamped quick settings UI (with a Nothing earbuds tile and a digital clock), more lock screen shortcuts, separate notification alert and ringtone volume controls, and the ability to set measurement units based on a specific geographic area.

How to download  the Nothing OS 2.5 update

To try this update, make sure your Nothing Phone already has Nothing OS version 2.0.3 installed. In that case, take following actions:

Step1: Download the “NOS beta tool” APK 

Step 2: Download it to your phone and install it from there. If prompted, grant permission to install.

Step 3: Next, select Settings, then System, and lastly scroll down until the Update to Beta version option appears. Tap it.

Step 4: The message “New version available” will appear once you tap “Check for new version” in step 4 a short while later. At the bottom, click Download Package. The upgrade would be about 2.8GB in size.

After downloading and installing it, the computer might reboot. On your Nothing Phone 2, you now have the Nothing OS, which is based on the Android 14 upgrade. The security update from October 5, 2023 will also be present.

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