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Ola announces offers on its electric scooter lineup as part of Bharat EV Fest: check dates, deals details




  • Till November 15th, Ola Electric’s Bharat EV Fest deal will be active nationwide.
  • On its flagship scooter, the company is providing a 5-year battery guarantee, and it is also providing protection plans for other models at discounts of up to 50%.
  • The Ola Electric Experience stores also provide exchange bonuses and card discounts of up to Rs 7,500.

As Diwali approaches, Ola Electric has announced a Bharat EV Fest offer. The firm is now offering a number of discounts at its showrooms, which should make it easier for new customers to own an Ola Electric scooter during this holiday season. Here is all the information you need to know about these perks, which are offered until November 15th.

Ola Electric Bharat EV Fest offers & discounts

  • First off, Ola is offering a bonus exchange of up to Rs 10,000 for your old scooter when you buy an Ola Electric one from their approved Experience Stores.
  • On credit cards issued by the banks IDFC, BOB, SCB, Yes Bank, Federal, ICICI, and HDFC, there is a card discount of 5% (up to Rs 5,000). Onecard credit card holders can get a 10% discount on purchases up to Rs 7,500.
  • For 3 and 6-month duration choices, free EMI is offered on HDFC credit cards. Additionally, the brand guarantees that some financial services will not require a down payment or processing fees.
  • Customers who purchase an Ola S1 Pro (2nd Generation) during Bharat EV Fest will receive a free two-year extended warranty, bringing the total guarantee length to five years. Ola products come with a three-year battery warranty as usual.
  • Customers who purchase an Ola S1 Air can get a 50% discount on comprehensive plans and an extended battery guarantee.

During the holiday season, Ola Electric is doing a great job of making their electric scooters appear profitable. Additionally, the company is offering free service checks on existing Ola S1 customers’ scooters, a 50% discount on extended warranty plans, and a free test drive of the Ola S1 Pro (2nd Generation) scooter on October 21st as part of its Community Day event.

Ola S1x (3kwh), Ola S1x+, Ola S1 Air prices

The Ola S1 Air is conveniently offered in stores and may be purchased online from the Ola Electric website. The Ola S1X+ deliveries, on the other hand, will already begin at the end of September. Only reservations are accepted for the Ola S1X (3kWh), and deliveries will begin in December of this year.

The Ola S1X (3kWh) and the Ola S1X+ have introductory prices of Rs 89,999 and Rs 99,999, respectively, if you booked one before August 21st. This widens the gap in price between these goods. While the Ola S1X series includes 5 dual-tone and 2 single-tone color options, the Ola S1 Air has only 5 single-tone color possibilities.

Ola S1x (3kwh), Ola S1x+, Ola S1 Air Specifications

All three scooters include three modes: Eco, Normal, and Sport, as well as a side stand alert. The instrument cluster and the smart features are the main differences that are present. The Ola S1 Air, which has a 7-inch touch screen, is the model with the greatest features, while the S1X+ has a 5-inch screen.

The MoveOS operating system on both of these scooters supports Bluetooth connectivity, GPS navigation, keyless unlock, cruise control, and OTA updates. On the other hand, the 3.5-inch display of the Ola S1X (3kWh) lacks these features. The S1 Air is the only scooter in this group that features speakers and music capability.

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