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OPPO Reno 11 series will soon get generative AI features Globally




  • OPPO will soon introduce a variety of generative AI features in OPPO Reno 11 series.
  • OPPO is also establishing a specialized AI center which will research and develop the AI technology.
  • OPPO AI Eraser feature is one of them.

OPPO Reno 11, OPPO Reno 11 Pro

OPPO has also joined the smartphone brands who are working on generative AI features for their smartphones. Now OPPO is working on generative AI features which enhance the user experience and OPPO Reno 11 series will get the generative AI feature Worldwide later this year.

OPPO Reno 11 series Generative AI features

According to OPPO it is set to introduce a variety of generative AI capabilities to its OPPO Reno 11 series worldwide among these features “OPPO AI Eraser” is an additional functionalities.

OPPO has also revealed the plans to delve into generative AI through establishment of a specialized AI center and this newly formed AI department will be dedicated to researching and developing AI technology and its practical applications.

The Primary goal is to create AI features and products that prioritize user needs and preferences. OPPO said they believe that AI-powered phones have potential to revolutionize the industry.

OPPO has identified four key characteristics of AI smartphone in response to the emerging era of AI technology

  • Efficient resource utilization: AI smartphones must effectively utilize computing resources to fulfill the computational demands of generative AI in the AI era.
  • Real-time awareness: These smartphones should possess sensors to be aware of the real world in the real-time, comprehending the intricate information of users and their surroundings.
  • Powerful self-learning: AI smartphones need robust self-learning capabilities to adapt and improve based on user interactions and Feedback.
  • Multimodal content generation: These smartphones will be equipped with the ability to generate multimodal content, offering users continuous inspiration and knowledge support.

The emergence of AI smartphones is poised to transform the mobile industry by integrating various AI services into intelligent agents. This integration will cater to users’ individual needs more effectively, offering a new ecosystem that complements and enriches the existing app ecosystem.

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