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Prevent Smartphone Overheating: Tips and Tricks for a Longer-Lasting Device




  • Introduction to Smartphones Heating
  • In this article we explore the tips & tricks we need to consider to prevent overheating in smartphones
  • Smartphone overheating during streaming and gaming

As we are the generation of smart technologies and using the smart devices like smartphones in daily purpose use. Here we see most of the times overheating of our smartphones and Usually, a phone heats up due to overuse, a strained battery, too much direct heat, or an overworked CPU.

To avoid all these type of overheating defect, with this article we can help you with some tips and tricks to prevent your smartphones from overheating. These preventions makes your smartphones life longer as possible.

Smartphones Overheating 

As much as you seen the high-temperature in summers, your smartphone has become a bad heater. It is common knowledge that over heating your phone reduces the performance and the battery is also known to leak. This might also make the screen brightness increase since most people make use of phones outside; thus, heating the phone.

There are some major causes of phones getting hot. This will be obvious when you are frequently on your phone for a long time, or when you are doing heavy resource consuming tasks, or when you have various types of apps open at once. A little heat is expected but when phone temperatures remain high for a long time, it indicates a large issue and it is necessary to mitigate it for longer lifer of our smartphone.

Tips And Tricks To Prevent The Overheating Of Smartphones

Do not expose your phone to the direct sun-light:

The simplest thing you might want to do to avoid overheating your smart phone is to avoiding keeping it in direct sunlight for long. Your phone seems to absorb the light and heat from the sun and keep it and as it stays longer in sunlight and heat the hotter it gets.

Lower screen brightness:

After compare the brightness of the two devices, it is much clear that bright screens use more energy and produces excessive heat. If you are outside and using the phone, minimize the brightness of the screen to save your battery and phone from getting hot. By doing so you will be able to see the messages well while at the same time extending the battery’s charge.

Use a manufacturer-approved charger:

What a caller needs may not be what another caller requires and this means that not all phone chargers are the same. To be on the safe side, it is recommended to use a charger made by the same manufacturer as the device and of the right model. Also, check that the charger is not damaged or the cell phone charging port, because they are also points that can cause overheating.

Avoid extreme cooling methods:

Avoid placing the phone in cold water or putting it in the refrigerator or a cooler to rapidly cool it down. There are instances that extreme methods applied on the phone creates moisture within the phone that may affects the inner electronics of the phone. Let your phone go back to normal on its own, do not overuse your phone when the surrounding temperatures are high.

Close applications running on your phone that you are not using:

If there are many of them it slows down the phone as it struggles to manage too many apps are opened at the background and also heats up your phone. The solution is super simple: To see all the open apps on your iPhone, tap the app from the dock, and then swipe up the bottom; on an iPhone with home button, double-press the button to access the open apps. For an Android, tap the menu icon located in the lower left comer of your device’s screen; it will look like either 3 vertical dots or 3 vertical lines, depending on what type of Android you have.

Stay distant from having your phone get to be more like all Your Electronics:

When you pack them in a same bag pcket, your phone, tablet, and computer will become more prone to getting a burn or overheating. It is recommended that the two should be kept apart, ideally in a flat surface to make them remain cool.

Reasons of Smartphone overheating during streaming and gaming

High Processor and GPU Usage:

  • The current load of the Central processing unit and the Graphic processing unit. 
  • Both activities require a lot of computation and graphics which puts a lot of load to the both the CPU and GPU usage and consequently the gadgets become hot.

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Extended Usage: 

  • Some are the intensive streaming, gaming etc. The concept is linked with the application of pressure to the phone components for a long term thus resulting in overheating of the gadget. 

High Screen Brightness and Resolution:

  • This can be another reason to pay intention to the aspect of brightness if screen brightness and or resolution are very high. 
  • Streaming and gaming, requires the use of a bright screen with high resolution these are some of the things that lead to heating. 

Network Activity: 

  • OPENGL Any time real time data transfer is required for instances in gaming or streaming, it results in use of Wi-Fi or mobile data which in the process generates heat. 

Battery Drain: 

  • Such last activities commonly result to the rapid discharge of the battery – this results in the generation of heat since the battery is compelled to deliver the power that is required.

Background Processes: 

  • As stated, several other applications that are started and executing in the background also do the processing and contribute to the heat formed also. 

Insufficient Cooling Mechanisms: 

  • In this type of devices, and smartphones especially, have almost zero cooling, meaning that the device does not have ways of releasing heat that accumulates when the device is engaged in intensive operations.


As the use of smartphones for different purposes increases day by day, People need to understand how to use it or for much time use it. Individuals also have to take care of smartphones to avoid problem like overheating in smartphones. The youngsters or teens becomes smarter as the generation grows and they know how to solve these types of problems in smartphones.


What happens when your phone overheats for too long?

If your phone gets too hot, it can experience problems like battery drain, forced shutdown, and even a total meltdown (no joke, your phone’s Central Processing Unit is capable of melting if it reaches extreme temperatures).

What are possible reasons for a smartphone is suffering from overheating?

If your phone is overheating, it maybe be from long hours of streaming, running too many apps at the same time, trying to use your phone with a bad signal, leaving it in direct sunlight or malware (Androids only).

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