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Realme launched the 240W Charging tech for upcoming Realme GT Neo 5



Recently the leaks are comed: Realme will launch the 240W Charging tech on January 5th for its upcoming device Realme GT Neo 5 and it will launch in two options like its Predecessor but this the top model come with 240W Charging and the second model will come with 150W Charging Technology.

Realme 240W

Realme 240W SuperVOOC branding is Owned OPPO but Realme is the parent company of OPPO that’s why they shared the R&D of 240W SuperVOOC Charging tech with Realme.

According to Realme they used three-ways: 100W Charge Pump Parallel design, 20V 12A input and 10V 24A output to reach 98.5% charging conversion efficiency. Company also made a custom charging cable with 21AWG thickened copper wires, by which its carrying capacity is increased by 20% compared to its Previous Charging tech.

Realme 240W Charging technology

Realme 240W GaN Charging has 13 temperature sensors, a PS3 Fireproof design, a real time safety monitoring system, and 6580mm2 graphene phase-change cooling material.

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