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Refurbished phone: buying refurbished or old phone?




  • Introduction about refurbished phone.
  • In this article, we explore some crucial factors to consider before making a purchase of a refurbished phone.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of buying a refurbished phone.
  • In this article, we look at the right sites where we can buy a good-condition refurbished phone. 

Refurbished phone

In today’s time smartphones become an essential part of our lives and to buy it we all have to go through real struggles like budgets, cameras, processors, etc. This is where refurbished or old phones come in. Refurbished phones are pre-owned devices that have been restored to their original condition and sold at a lower price than their brand-new counterparts. In this article, we explore all about refurbished phones and whether you can buy them or not.

Refurbished phone

The first thing you need to know is that a refurbished phone is not the same as a brand-new phone. Rather, it’s a fully-functioning, state-of-the-art handset that’s gone through testing and, sometimes, repair. Old phones are devices that have been used for a long time and sold at a lower price due to their wear and tear.

This means that rather than selling a phone in its existing condition, the previous owner will have sent it back via a returns policy or sold it to a trade-in site. The retailer will then put the phone through thorough testing and repair any faults before selling it as refurbished.

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Factors to consider before making a purchase of a refurbished phone

Know the Seller:

  • Only buy from a trusted and reputable seller.
  • Ensure the seller has a good track record of selling refurbished phones.
  • Prefer sellers who have been in the business for a long time.
  • Read reviews and feedback from previous customers.
  • Check the seller’s ratings on various platforms.
  • Look for any history of complaints or issues with the seller.

Check the Warranty:

  • Ensure the phone comes with a warranty that covers defects or malfunctions.
  • A warranty provides assurance that the phone has been restored to its original condition.
  • Verify the duration of the warranty period.
  • Longer warranty periods often indicate greater confidence in the product’s quality.
  • Understand what the warranty covers, including specific types of defects or malfunctions.
  • Check if the warranty includes both parts and labor.

Check the Condition:

  • Ensure the seller provides detailed pictures of the phone from all angles.
  • Look for close-up images to inspect for any potential issues.
  • Thoroughly check the photos for any visible damages, scratches, or dents.
  • Pay attention to the screen, body, and edges of the phone.
  • Ensure buttons (e.g., power, volume) are shown and appear intact.
  • Verify the camera lenses are clear and undamaged.
  • Check that ports (charging, headphone) are shown and appear functional.

Check the Battery Life:

  • Ensure the battery life of the phone is not significantly degraded
  • Verify the battery health percentage; it should be at least 80%.
  • If the battery life is less than 80%, it is best to avoid buying the phone.
  • Lower battery health can lead to shorter usage times and may require an early replacement.
  • Ask the seller if the battery has been replaced or if it is the original battery.
  • Replaced batteries can sometimes offer better performance and longevity compared to older, original ones.

Look for Accessories:

  • Ensure the phone comes with original accessories such as the charger, earphones, and user manual.
  • Ask the seller to list all included accessories.
  • Confirm the presence of essential items (charger, cable, etc.).
  • Check if the accessories are in good working condition.
  • Ensure they are not damaged or excessively worn.

Consider the Price:

  • The price of a refurbished phone should be noticeably lower than that of a brand new phone.
  • A significant price difference indicates a good deal; if the difference is too small, it might not be worth buying refurbished.
  • If the refurbished phone’s price is too close to that of a brand new phone, it may not represent a good value due to potential risks associated with refurbished devices.

Advantages of buying a refurbished phone

  • One of the best advantages of buying them is the cost savings. As compared to the original smartphones, they are sold at discounted prices because their value decreases when they are repaired.
  • Refurbished phones are more like new phones as they are tested and tried before selling. If required, phones also get software updates.
  • Many refurbished phones come with a warranty, just like a new device. This can provide peace of mind knowing that if any issues arise, you can have the device repaired or replaced.
  • A refurbished phone is a repaired phone by mobile phone repair experts which means that it has fewer chances of getting hooked again.

Disadvantages of buying a refurbished phone

  • Since refurbished phones are the repaired ones, so one cannot guarantee that it will stay free from defects for a long time.
  • While refurbished phones undergo a testing process to ensure that they are in good working condition, there is still a risk that the device may have defects.
  • The warranty on the phones will probably be shorter than the new ones.
  • When purchasing a refurbished phone, you may not be able to customize the device to your specific preferences. This is because the device has already been restored to its original condition and any modifications may void the warranty.

Top Websites to buy a refurbished phone 

  • Croma
  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • Mobilegoo
  • Cashify
  • Blynk
  • Ovantica


Buying a refurbished mobile phone can be a cost-effective and eco-friendly option for those on a budget. Purchasing a refurbished phone can be a great option for those who are on a tight budget or want to make an environmentally friendly choice. Ultimately, the decision to buy a refurbished phone will depend on your individual circumstances and preferences.


How much cheaper are refurbished phones?

You can save hundreds of pounds by buying a refurbished phone instead of a brand-new one, particularly on slightly older models. If you’re hoping to buy the very latest smartphone, you might well be able to pick up a refurbished handset, but you’ll enjoy a much bigger discount if you opt for a last year’s phone, or even the year before.

What’s better: refurbished or used?

If a phone is described as refurbished and you’re buying it from a network, an established retailer, or a trader on an auction site, you can be sure the phone has been tested, cleaned, wiped and is covered by a warranty. So you’ve got peace of mind in every way.

What should I keep in mind when buying a refurbished phone?

The most important thing to check when buying a refurbished phone is that it comes with a warranty. That way, you can return it if it has any faults.

Is it safe to buy a refurbished phone?

Provided you’re buying from a reputable retailer, it’s perfectly safe to buy a refurbished phone. Most refurbished phones come with a warranty so you should be protected if there’s anything wrong with it. But it’s always best to check if the device comes with a warranty before buying it.

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