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Spotify not let you use key features for free users in India




  • Certain features of Spotify Free will no longer be available to Indian customers.
  • These include listening to earlier music again, repeating songs, and more.
  • What has changed for Spotify free users in India is listed below.

With additional limitations, Spotify is making it challenging for music listeners to stay in the free tier. It is removing crucial functional capabilities from the free tier, and this might have a significant impact on how users interact with the site. The limitations will be in place starting today for Indian Spotify free users. 

Spotify removes crucial functionality from the free tier in India

You won’t be able to use the repeat feature, fast forward to a specific section of the song, go back to a previous song, or change the playlist’s order if you’re using the free Spotify tier in India. According to a report from Musically, these functionalities have been eliminated and will no longer be accessible as of right now. According to the source, Spotify will also send out in-app alerts to users informing them of the changes. 

‘Smart Shuffle’ will continue to be the default setting for song playback in the free tier of Spotify. For those who don’t know, Smart Shuffle includes music that isn’t on your playlist. These are suggestions that Spotify generates based on the way you listen. Therefore, free users won’t even have access to the standard shuffle option. 

The remaining options, such as choosing the songs and having no time limits on how long you can stream, are still available. Therefore, you can keep listening to as many songs as you want throughout the day, with advertisements playing in between. According to a report by  MoneyControl, Spotify decided to remove these services in order to preserve a consistent user experience for its free tier across all territories. 

Spotify plans prices in India

In India, Spotify offers a variety of subscription packages, starting at Rs 7 per day and Rs 25 per week. Its monthly rates cost Rs 119 for single users and Rs 149 for couples. The monthly cost of the Spotify Family plan, which covers up to six accounts, is Rs 179.

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