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Meta Expected to roll – out Threads web version later this week: report

Meta is preparing its Threads to compete with X.




  • Meta will soon roll – out the Web version of Threads.
  • Currently Threads are only available on iOS and Android.
  • Many Threads users already requested a Web version of Threads.

In July Meta launched its ‘Threads’ which is similar to or competitor of ‘X’ Formely Twitter. But till now the Threads are only available on iOS and Android and now according to reports, the company is testing the web version of Threads and soon it will roll – out for all users.

Threads web version roll – out timeline

According to reports by Wall Street Journal, Meta the parent company of Threads will soon roll – out the web version later this week.

After the launch of Threads, In just five days the text messaging platform from Meta gained 100 million users. Then gradually the popularity of Threads starts dropping and users return to the well established ‘X’ platform. Possibly in starting users are coming to check the features of Threads but due to many things are under development the number of active users have dropped.

According to reports by Similar Web, The daily active users on Threads dropped from 49.3 million to 10.3 million in a month. Many features are under development on Threads, But last week Meta introduced many new features on Threads such as Direct sharing posts on Instagram DM’s, Custom alt – text for photos and videos and mention button to someone’s Threads account.

Threads web version importance

Threads web version will make the process easier to post updates on Threads especially those users who are very active on social media such as Brands, News companies, Journalists, etc.

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