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Top 11 Email Lookup Tools




  • Introduction to email lookup tools.
  • Features of top 11 tools for email lookup.
  • Comparison between top 11 email lookup tools.

Email lookup tools become very useful tools in daily life for professional working purposes ranging from marketing to professional networking and personal inquiries. These types of email tools are very useful to find out the individual specific email addresses associated with organizations or industries. In this article, we explore about top 11 email lookup tools. is an email hunter tool used by professionals or marketers to find out the contact information associated with any domain. This is ideal for companies that use cold emailing as a way to fill their pipeline.

Features of

  • Email verification
  • Bulk email lookup
  • Domain Search

Voila Norbert

Norbert is a virtual assistant tool is specifically designed for salespeople and professional to find out the exact email address and contact information. Norbert operates directly in your browser. With its user-friendly interface, Norbert is a valuable tool for anyone in need of reliable email address information.

Features of Volia Norbet

  • Email verification
  • API access
  • Integration with other tools

Find That Email

Find that email is a smart tool designed for business and individuals to find and verify email address efficiently. It is popular smart tool known for its high accuracy and performance with user friendly interface.

Features of find that email

  • Email Search
  • Verification services
  • Bulk email finding

Clearbit Connect

Clearbit Connect is a free chrome extension that will helpful for you to reach people at right multi-national companies. After installing the extension, you can find verified emails from qualified companies directly within gmail or as you research your domain websites.

Features of Clearbit Connect

  • Gmail and Outlook integrations
  • Company information
  • Email search is a multifunctional email lookup to is designed to fulfill the needs of professionals and buisnesses. It offer multifunctional features to help the user findout the email address, verify them and conduct email marketing campaigns.

Features of

  • Email finder
  • Drip campaigns
  • Email verification

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Lusha is easy and straightforward to use. Any business user can sign up (for free) and start finding the exact contact data they need on their ideal prospects.

Features of Lusha

  • B2B email lookup
  • Contact enrichment
  • CRM integration

Anymail Finder

Anymail Finder is an email lookup software that helps users find verified business and personal email addresses. The software searches by a company or individual name, finds decision-maker emails by job title or department, creates targeted email lists, and discovers emails on LinkedIn profiles.

Features of Anymail Finder

  • Real-time email lookup
  • Bulk search
  • API Access

Contact Out

The ContactOut Email Finder is an email lookup and enrichment software that enables users to find accurate personal and business email addresses. The software provides access to professional and company profiles to help users connect with prospects. Key features include email personalization, campaign automation, and a browser extension. The tool allows users to find the right email addresses quickly and effectively.

Features of Contact Out

  • Chrome extension
  • LinkedIn integration
  • Bulk search

Rocket Reach

RocketReach is a powerful tool designed to streamline the process of finding contact information for professionals and businesses. It boasts a vast database of emails, phone numbers, and social media profiles, making it an indispensable resource for sales, marketing, and recruiting efforts.

Features of Rocket Reach

  • Advanced search filters
  • API access
  • Bulk lookups


Pipl is actually the largest people search engine in the world, providing users with the ability to search over 3 billion people worldwide. Basically, they index information from millions of sources and provide users with the ability to connect online identities with real people.

Features of Pipl 

  • Deep web search
  • Identity verification
  • API access


With GetProspect, no more searching for hours, now, with only a few clicks, you can get the contact information for specific people in your target market.

Features of GetProspect

  • Email finder
  • LinkedIn integration
  • Bulk email search

Comparison of top 11 email lookup tools

Top 11 Email Lookup Tools

Tool Starting price Free Tier Bulk Lookup API Access Key Feature $49/month Yes Yes Yes Domain search
Voila Norbert $49/month Yes Yes Yes Integration with other tools
Find That Email $29/month Yes Yes Yes Flexible pricing plans
Clearbit Connect Custom pricing Yes Yes Yes Gmail and Outlook integrations $39/month Yes Yes Yes Drip campaigns
Lusha $75/month Yes Yes Yes B2B email lookup
Anymail Finder $49/month Yes Yes Yes Pay-as-you-go option
ContactOut $29/month Yes Yes No LinkedIn integration
RocketReach $49/month Yes Yes Yes Advanced search filters
Pipl Custom pricing No Yes Yes Deep web search
GetProspect $49/month Yes Yes Yes Affordable pricing


Email lookup tools plays a vital role for businesses and individuals searching to improve their outreach and communication with multi-national rights companies. Each tool have unique features to provide specific needs like bulk searches and CRM integration. Its user friendly interface is very helpful and easy to handel for individuals seeking for right companies. Depending upon your need these top 11 email lookup tools surely help to meet your needs.


What are the best email lookup tools?

Adapt is another email lookup tool in the form of a Chrome extension. The platform is designed for prospecting, lead building, and lead engagement.

What is email lookup software?

Email lookup is the act of searching for someone’s email address online. Multiple tools let you look up an email address based on information like Name and Company Name.

Is Clearbit Connect free?

Yes, every Connect user receives 10 free credits per month. Users can also consider additional paid features such as Clearbit Capture to automatically add accounts and key buyer contacts to your CRM from qualified companies that show intent.

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