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Top Stock Market Apps: Your Guide to Safe and Smart Investing




  • Introduction to the Stock Market
  • Best Stock Market Apps
  • Is Investing In the Stock Market is safe?

This generation stock market is the safest place for individuals to invest their hard earn money, because if they choose the right stocks to invest their savings, their money can be increased after some years. Risk also comes in the stock market because of daily fluctuation in the market. Here many stock apps helps to choose right stock, mutual fund, ETF, SIP, etc.

With the help of this apps, many youngsters earn money in a lower age with some great knowledge of stock market. The stock market is also available in two forms: India and forex. In the Indian stock market, it shows the current stock price of Indian companies, industries, etc. and in the forex market, it shows the stock price of US companies, industries, etc. In this article, we explore various of applications for investing money on the stock market.

Stock Market  

Stock market is the investing source where individuals can invest their money and savings in form of stocks, mutual funds, SIP, ETF, etc. For investing it is essential to having knowledge about stock market, news and trends. Here people needs a advisor who guide them to invest in right stocks because if they invest without any knowledge they can lost their hard earn money. So the stock market apps comes in pictures which shown all the details about each and every stock, mutual fund, SIP, etc.

Stocks are simply an investment method to build wealth. When you invest in the stock of a company, it means you own a share in the company that issued the stock. Stock investment is a way to invest in some of the most successful companies.  A stock market is similar to a share market. A share market is where the shares are issued or traded in. The primary difference between the two is that the stock market lets an individual trade in bonds, mutual funds, derivatives, shares of a company, etc. On the other hand, a share market only allows the trading of shares.

Best Stock Market Apps

Zerodha Kite

Zerodha serves more than one crore clients actively and now account for nearly 15% of the total Indian retail trading. As for the technology division, this app is appropriate for newcomers and experienced users of trading and investment.

  • Account Opening Charges: Online account INR 200, Offline account INR 500
  • Brokerage Charges: No Brokerage

Angle One: 

Angel One App allows you to invest, trade and grow your wealth in the share market stocks, US stocks, IPO, Mutual Funds, Commodities, Futures & Options. Invest in mutual funds like debt funds, liquid funds, small cap, large cap, mid cap, hybrid funds, ELSS mutual funds, etc. 

  • Account Opening Charges: Angel One trading and demat account opening fees are Rs 0 (Free). Angel One charges Rs 240 per year demat account AMC.
  • Brokerage Charges: Angel One demat debit transaction fee of Rs 20 per ISIN (Rs 50 per ISIN for BSDA Client) per debit transaction.

Upstox Pro App: 

Upstox PRO is a highly used discount broker app to invest in shares belonging to completely different classes, ranging from the provision of micro-cap stocks to providing ideal pipelines to open venture investment to creating early-stage wears. It offers stock and currency trading, commodities and mutual funds with the added tools such as Trading view and Charts IQ library which is suitable for the experienced shareholders.

  • Account Opening Charges: It charges INR 0 (account maintenance charge after first year: INR 300)
  • Brokerage Charges: INR 20 or 2.5% of per executed order.

5 Paisa: 

5paisa is one of the emerging trading application in India which is supported in apple and android. As is evident from the above discussion, this app is rather popular among traders and/or investors. Indeed, it offers a range of products including stock, mutual funds, commodities, and currency among others. Some of the additional features provided by 5paisa are news, research, advisory and blog sections but none of the trading apps provide it even if fee charges are low.

  • Account Opening Charges: It charges INR 0 (account maintenance charge after first year: INR 300)
  • Brokerage Charges: INR 20 per executed order or 2.5% of whichever is lower.

ICICI Direct:

 ICICI Direct is one of the oldest full-brokerage service providers of India, which is a part of ICICI Group. It offers smooth online trading and investment services to advanced investors, traders as well as beginners. Being a full service brokerage app, it offers free advisory services and research and offers free equity futures trading. ICICI Direct charges nothing for futures trading and account opening services.

  • Account Opening Charges: It charges INR 0 (account maintenance charge after first year: INR 300)
  • Brokerage Charges: 0.55% per order

MO Investor: 

MO investor app is developed by Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd – one of the prominent stock broking company of India. This app is famous in the market for the pro tools, immediate rate notifications and the interface of the application.

  • Account Opening Charges: It charges INR 0 (account maintenance charge after first year:INR 199).
  • Brokerage Charges: 0.20% per order

Edelweiss Mobile Trading App:

Edelweiss mobile trading app is a most powerful mobile trading app especially for the active trader because it has many advanced charting tools, Market analysis tools and advanced reports. This also has some facilities like Live call for Market commentary, Individual Relationship manager, Live Market access, Free Portfolio organizer service, Alert through Whatsapp and lot more.. It provides two brokerage plans; ‘lite’ and ‘elite’ plans, where the ‘lite’ plan is same is not much economic while the ‘elite’ plan is packed with many more features.

  • Account Opening Charges: It charges INR 0 (account maintenance charge after first year:INR 500).
  • Brokerage Charges: 0.03% per order


Groww  App:

Groww is the company’s low pricing structure which adopted the flat fee model. The minimum brokerage charged by Groww is 0 percent. The brokerages charged are a minimum of 05% of the value of the trade and a limit to INR 20 in all segments including Equity Delivery, Intraday and F&O2. You can get an estimate of all the charges using the brokerage calculator for the specific company. This is free, there is no charge for opening and maintaining an account with the firm. Groww has waived off the charges, and you can open multiple trading and Demat accounts with it without any charge for maintaining a Demat account.

  • Account Opening Charges: It charges INR 0.
  • Brokerage Charges: INR 20 per order

IND money: 

  • Set up your financial goals and link them with your investments on INDmoney. Mutual FundsStart building your portfolio with just INR 100. Indian StocksInvest as low as INR 50 SIP on a weekly/monthly basis in any stocks. US StocksBuy/Sell US stocks and ETFs from India directly.
  • Account Opening Charges: No account opening or maintenance fees
  • Brokerage Charges: 2.25%  per order

Is Investing In Stock Market is safe?

  • First things first, as an investment avenue, stock investing is risky. While you can reduce the risks, it will not be as safe as a bank fixed deposit.
  • Having said that, stock investments have historically outperformed investments in fixed deposits, gold, etc. If you plan your investments well, this can be a great way to put your hard-earned money to work as hard as you to fulfil your goals. 
  • Stock investments carry certain risks that all investors need to be aware of. Today, I will be talking about the risks associated with making a stock market investment and how you can manage those risks efficiently.
  • Investing in stocks is become safe when you start learning how to manage your money on right stock. Sometimes you face lower in market but after some year your money will increase if it is invested in right company.


Investing money on stocks is good way to grow your money for achieving some future goals. But with the investment it is also ensure that there is risk in every investment, for this individual should start learning about it how manage money on stocks, mutual funds, IPO, ETF, SIP, etc. A safe investment gives the safe future for your family and friends.


What is the difference between stocks and shares?

Stocks and shares are used interchangeably to refer to financial equities, specifically, securities that denote ownership in a public company. In simple terms, a share is a small part of a company’s stock. It is often used to describe a part of ownership of one or more companies. Stock on the other hand, refers to the ownership of a particular company.

What is bear and bull market?

Bear markets refers to a fall in stock prices and economy. Whereas, in bull market, the companies tend to generate more revenue and hence, the stock prices go up.

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