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  • This article covers an Indian web series based on novels, showcasing some of the best adaptations available on popular streaming platforms.
  • This article highlights the Best Indian Web Series Based on Novels, from Thrillers to Comedies.
  • Streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are heavily investing in Hindi web series based on novels, aiming to attract the growing Hindi-speaking audience and contributing to a 30% increase in viewership over the past year.

Novels are an excellent source for TV show material, offering rich, imaginative stories and immersive worlds that captivate readers. With their complex characters and intricate plots, novels provide the perfect foundation for long-form serialized storytelling. And Indian web series based on novels offer a unique way to experience beloved stories. These adaptations take the essence of the original novels and bring them to life on screen, providing a fresh perspective and deeper exploration of the characters and plots. Web series adaptations have a notable advantage. Unlike films that offer a brief overview, web series based on novels allow for a more detailed and immersive exploration of the story. This article features some of the best web series based on novels. Always remember that “the best” is subjective.

Hindi Web Series Based On Novels

Sacred Games

  • Released: July 6, 2018 (Season 1), August 15, 2019 (Season 2)
  • Based on: Novel “Sacred Games” by Vikram Chandra
  • Directed by: Anurag Kashyap, Vikramaditya Motwane
  • Parental Guidance: 18+ (Violence, Mature Themes)
  • Genre: Crime Thriller
  • Where to Watch: Netflix

Novel Brief: Sacred Games is a multi-layered epic novel set in the underbelly of Mumbai. It follows Sartaj Singh, a disheartened police officer, who gets embroiled in a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse with a notorious gangster, Ganesh Gaitonde. The novel delves into themes of crime, politics, and religion, creating a rich tapestry of interconnected stories spanning several decades.

Adaptation: The web series adapts the novel’s intricate narrative structure, balancing the present-day investigation of Sartaj Singh with flashbacks to Gaitonde’s rise to power. The show captures the novel’s dark, gritty atmosphere and complex characters, offering a serialized format that explores the novel’s detailed political and social commentary through intense, dramatic episodes.


  • Released: June 14, 2019
  • Based on:Novel “Leila” by Prayaag Akbar
  • Directed by: Deepa Mehta, Shanker Raman
  • Parental Guidance: 16+ (Violence, Disturbing Scenes)
  • Genre: Dystopian Drama
  • Where to Watch: Netflix

Novel Brief: Set in a dystopian future India, Leila tells the story of Shalini, a mother searching for her missing daughter in a society divided by caste and oppression. The novel explores themes of authoritarianism, social injustice, and the personal sacrifices made for love and hope.

Adaptation: The web series brings the novel’s dystopian vision to life with a stark portrayal of a totalitarian regime. It emphasizes the novel’s themes of resistance and personal struggle against a backdrop of a meticulously constructed future society, blending suspense and drama to depict Shalini’s desperate quest and the harsh realities of the world she lives in.


  • Released: November 20, 2020
  • Based on: Novel “When Dimple Met Rishi” by Sandhya Menon
  • Directed by: Akash Ahuja, Nirmal Bhargava
  • Parental Guidance: 13+ (Suggestive Themes)
  • Genre: Coming-of-Age Rom-Com
  • Where to Watch: Netflix

Novel Brief: When Dimple Met Rishi is a romantic comedy about Dimple Shah, a tech-savvy teenager with aspirations of becoming a successful app developer, and Rishi Patel, a traditionalist who believes in arranged marriages. The novel explores themes of modern love, cultural expectations, and personal growth.

Adaptation: The series adapts the novel’s light-hearted romantic comedy into a visually engaging and heartwarming show. It translates the book’s charming story into a series of episodic developments, focusing on the comedic and emotional aspects of Dimple and Rishi’s contrasting personalities and budding romance, while also exploring their individual dreams and challenges.

Paatal Lok

  • Released: November 15, 2019 (Season 1), yet to be confirmed (Season 2)
  • Based on: Inspired by “The Story of My Assassins” by Tarun Tejpal
  • Directed by: Avinash Arun, Neeraj Pandey
  • Parental Guidance: 18+ (Violence, Language, Mature Themes)
  • Genre: Crime Thriller
  • Where to Watch: Amazon Prime Video

Novel Brief: Paatal Lok is inspired by Tarun Tejpal’s “The Story of My Assassins”, which explores a failed assassination attempt against a prominent journalist. The novel delves into themes of crime, politics, and societal corruption through the perspective of a disillusioned police officer.

Adaptation: The series adapts the novel’s themes of corruption and moral ambiguity into a suspenseful crime thriller. It follows a weary cop, Hathiram Chaudhary, as he investigates the failed assassination attempt and uncovers a complex conspiracy. The show retains the novel’s focus on socio-political issues and character-driven narrative, offering a gripping portrayal of contemporary Indian society.

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The White Tiger

  • Released: January 22, 2021
  • Based on: Novel of the same name by Aravind Adiga (Man Booker Prize Winner)
  • Directed by: Ramin Bahrani
  • Parental Guidance: 18+ (Violence, Language, Sexual Content)
  • Genre: Crime Drama, Social Commentary
  • Where to Watch: Netflix

Novel Brief: The White Tiger follows Balram Halwai, a poor villager who rises to success through cunning and ambition. The novel critiques the social and economic disparities in India, focusing on Balram’s journey from servitude to entrepreneurship.

Adaptation: The web series captures the novel’s sharp critique of class divisions and systemic corruption. It translates Balram’s story into a visually compelling narrative, emphasizing his personal transformation and the novel’s exploration of ambition and social mobility.

Selection Day

  • Released: December 26, 2019
  • Based on: Novel of the same name by Aravind Adiga
  • Directed by: Karan Johar, Mukesh Chhabra
  • Parental Guidance: 16+ (Violence, Language)
  • Genre: Sports Drama
  • Where to Watch: Netflix

Novel Brief: Selection Day is centered on two teenage cricket prodigies, the Kumar brothers, and their father’s high expectations for them to become cricket stars. The novel explores themes of ambition, familial pressure, and the intense world of competitive sports.

Adaptation: The series adapts the novel’s exploration of cricket as a metaphor for broader societal issues. It visualizes the competitive world of cricket, focusing on the characters’ personal struggles and ambitions while exploring the pressures of success and the impact of familial expectations.

Bard of Blood

  • Released: September 27, 2019
  • Based on: Bard of Blood by Bilal Siddiqi
  • Directed by: Ribhu Dasgupta
  • Parental Guidance: 18+ (Violence, Language, Mature Themes)
  • Genre: Espionage Thriller
  • Where to Watch: Netflix

Novel Brief: Bard of Blood follows Kabir Anand, a former RAW agent who returns to action when a covert mission in Balochistan fails, leading to the capture of Indian spies. The novel explores themes of espionage, betrayal, and personal sacrifice as Kabir uncovers a complex conspiracy while grappling with his own past.

Adaptation: The web series adapts Siddiqi’s novel into a thrilling drama with Emraan Hashmi as Kabir Anand. It expands on the novel’s plot with intense action sequences and a detailed portrayal of Balochistan’s environment. The series retains the novel’s themes of moral ambiguity and the psychological toll of espionage, offering a suspenseful and immersive experience.

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Where can I watch Hindi web series based on novels?

You can find Hindi web series based on novels on popular streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, and Amazon Prime Video.

What makes web series adaptations of novels better than films?

Web series adaptations have the advantage of time and detail, allowing them to explore the depth of the original novels in ways that films often cannot. This format offers a more immersive experience of the story.

How does the statistic about the market size (highlight 3) connect to the popularity of web series based on novels?

The Indian web series industry is experiencing rapid growth, with a projected market size of ₹11.8 billion by 2025. This boom reflects the increasing popularity of web series adaptations of novels, which attract a broad audience and elevate the quality of Indian entertainment.

Are there any upcoming web series based on novels?

The Indian entertainment industry is constantly churning out new content. It’s best to check the official websites and social media pages of streaming platforms for upcoming releases.

Which is considered the best web series based on novels?

While personal preferences and genre interests ultimately dictate the “best” web series, two adaptations consistently rise to the top. However, Sacred Games is widely regarded as one of the best, thanks to its intricate narrative, strong performances, and faithful adaptation of Vikram Chandra’s novel. The White Tiger also stands out for its powerful social commentary and adaptation of Aravind Adiga’s Man Booker Prize-winning novel.

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