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WhatsApp now lets you send hear-once voice messages feature available in beta, WhatsApp now lets you log into two accounts simultaneously




  • On iOS and Android, a small group of beta testers can access WhatsApp’s new feature.
  • The ‘View Once’ mode is essentially the voice message version of the ‘View Once’ mode.
  • Soon, WhatsApp users will be allowed to run two active accounts at once.

In 2021, WhatsApp debuted its ‘View Once’ function for photographs and videos that vanish after being viewed. Around the same time, it offered vanishing or self-destructing messages. This function is now being extended to audio messages. Now, WhatsApp beta testers on iOS and Android may start sending voice messages that vanish.

WhatsApp voice messages that vanish

For photographs and videos, this functionality functions in the same way as view once. You can set voicemails to only be viewed once so that they are only ever heard once. Additionally, the voice message cannot be saved or sent by the recipient. According to WABetaInfo, a small number of beta testers have access to the new WhatsApp function.

You may get it by downloading the WhatsApp beta for iOS update from the TestFlight app and the WhatsApp beta for Android update from the Google Play Store.

You can use WhatsApp if you’re a beta tester by following these steps

  • To record a voice message, open WhatsApp and pick the microphone icon.
  • The view once icon, represented by the number “1,” appears after you have finished recording. 
  • Your voice message will be configured to only be viewable once if you tap that. 
  • Once the recipient has finished listening to it, not even you will be able to hear it. 

Only a small group of beta testers have access to the voice message view once mode at this time. Therefore, you might not have access to it just yet even if you’re a member of WhatsApp’s beta voice program. However, more customers are anticipated to receive it in the upcoming days. By installing the beta apps from the Google Play Store and the App Store, you may sign up for WhatsApp’s beta program.

Additional features that are currently under testing are being worked on by WhatsApp. These consist of pin messages in conversations, a secret code option for locked chats, and other features. A new UI for Android has also been released and is accessible to beta testers.

WhatsApp will now let users log into two accounts simultaneously

The Meta-owned messaging app WhatsApp is introducing a much-anticipated feature for its customers after revealing a number of new features. Users will be able to utilize numerous WhatsApp accounts on a single smartphone thanks to the new functionality.

Users can currently have two active WhatsApp accounts, according to the business. This is helpful for transferring between other accounts, such as your personal and professional ones, without having to repeatedly log in and out or carry about numerous phones to prevent texting from the incorrect account.

Here’s how to set up multiple WhatsApp accounts on a single phone 

  • You will need a second phone number, a physical SIM card, or a phone that can use multiple SIM cards or eSIM.
  • Navigate to your WhatsApp settings, 
  • click on the arrow next to your name, and select “Add account.” 
  • Once you’ve added the second account, you can adjust the privacy and notification settings for each account separately. 

The company also emphasized how crucial it is to use authentic WhatsApp. Users should refrain from downloading knockoff or fake versions to add more accounts to their phone, according to Meta.

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