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WhatsApp now let you send the video messages: How to use

The WhatsApp video message feature will take a few weeks to reach all users.




  • WhatsApp now rolls out the video messages.
  • The video message feature is now rolling out to all users.
  • This feature is available for both android & iOS platforms.

WhatsApp is constantly launching new and useful features on WhatsApp and now Company launched a video message feature on WhatsApp with these features WhatsApp users are now also able to video message like the Voice messages.

How to send video messages on WhatsApp

  • If you get this feature on WhatsApp, you want to send the video message on WhatsApp chats. So you have to tap on the Microphone icon and switch it to the video message icon.
  • You have to Press and hold the video message icon to record the video message.
  • You also will get the Swipe up and lock the video message features to record the video message without holding the icon like voice message.
  • If you receive any video message, when you place the video message so by default the video will play on mute you have to turn on the audio to listen to it.
  • You can react to video messages like other messages.

According to Whatsapp, This video message feature also end – to – end encrypted like other things on WhatsApp. This feature will roll out to all users on both android and iOS platforms and it will take a few weeks to get this feature to reach all users.

Recently Meta, WhatsApp parent company also launched its “X” or twitter like app i.e threads and on WhatsApp company recently launched the WhatsApp chat transfer, silence unknown callers like features.

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