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WhatsApp’s AI assistant now live in beta: will respond to inquiries, provide suggestions, and more




  • WhatsApp is getting an AI assistant.
  • Only the US currently has access to this function.
  • It’s currently in beta and should shortly be released more widely.

WhatsApp's AI assistant feature in beta

In September, the “Meta AI” assistant was released for Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. Currently only available in the US, it appears that Meta will soon make the AI helper available to everyone else. The AI helper is a feature of WhatsApp’s most recent beta version, which beta testers can now download. 

WhatsApp AI assistant is currently under beta testing

  • The AI helper is comparable to the chatbot feature on Snapchat called “My AI.” The functionality functions identically on WhatsApp and may be used for both individual and group conversations.
  • The new functionality is accessible with the WhatsApp beta for Android update, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, claims WABetaInfo
  • On top of the “new chat” button, WhatsApp has introduced a new shortcut button. The AI helper is shown by a bluish pink circle in this one. Your chat window with the AI assistant will open if you tap on it.
  • This eliminates the need for you to look for your AI chat and makes it simple to access.

WhatsApp's AI assistant

Since it’s still in beta, not everyone will be able to use this feature. You can download the most recent version of WhatsApp if you’re a part of the beta program and verify for yourself. Given that it’s currently in beta, we anticipate WhatsApp making it available to all users shortly. 

Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram meta-AI chatbot

With some sophisticated features, Meta AI isn’t your typical chatbot. It has an image generation tool. Thus, you can use language commands to instruct the AI to produce “photorealistic images.” In addition, the AI helper can make jokes, provide recommendations, and respond to common queries. Additionally, Meta provided an example of requesting a mocktail recommendation from the AI chatbot. 

It appears that Meta is making progress in its AI efforts, particularly in terms of expanding its availability. It recently revealed Instagram-compatible AI-powered photo and video editing features. This would enable anyone to utilize Photoshop-like editing tools directly on Instagram without requiring technical expertise.

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