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X (Formerly Twitter) ‘Basic’ and ‘Premium+’ subscription plans launched: price, features




  • X receives two additional subscription plans, one of which is more expensive than the other.
  • With the X Premium+ subscription, you can use the platform without any ads.
  • In India, the new X subscription plans are also available. 

Globally, X (Twitter) has unveiled two new subscription packages. Currently, there are three different X subscriptions available: Basic, Premium, and Premium+. The new X subscriptions, which start at Rs 243 per month, are now available even in India. Benefits like the edit button, longer posts, and an ad-free experience come with every subscription.

X Basic Plan

The least expensive membership option is called X Basic, and it costs Rs 243 per month or Rs 2,590 per year. This membership plan includes the following features: reader mode, background video playback, the ability to download videos, the edit button, lengthier postings, the undo button, the ability to post longer movies, and a minor reply boost.

Additionally, you receive the whole customization bundle, which allows you to alter app icons, bookmark folders, personalize navigation, select themes, and conceal subscriptions and likes as well as the highlights page.

You do not receive the blue tick or ID verification, but you do receive encrypted direct messages and SMS two-factor authentication. Additionally, you are not able to use the creator hub, which has resources like media studio, X Pro, creator subscriptions, and analytics.

X Premium+

The other subscription option that was introduced is called X Premium+, and it costs Rs 1,300 per month and Rs 13,600 per year, making it the most costly. All of the aforementioned features, along with the creative suite, ID verification, and blue tick, are available with X Premium+. 

X Premium

Next is X Premium, which was the only available subscription option prior to now. Everything is included in X Premium, with the exception of two items, which are only partially available but not entirely unavailable. Thus you will receive a “Larger” reply boost in addition to half adverts in For You and Following. To put things in perspective, X Premium+ grants you the “Largest” reply increase and no advertisements in For You and Following. The cost of X Premium is still Rs 6,800 per year and Rs 650 per month.

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