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iPhone 15 Pro overheating caused due to this reason




  • iPhone 15 Pro models users complaining about overheating issues.
  • iPhone 15 Pro models temperature rises in normal tasks
  • Apple expected to fix this issue through an update.

Recently Apple unveiled its latest iPhone i.e the iPhone 15 series, But users are complaining that iPhone 15 Pro models have overheating problems. According to iPhone 15 Pro users the device increases its temperature while it is in charging status.

iPhone 15 Pro overheating reason

According to Min – Chi Kuo, the overheating on iPhone 15 Pro is due to the company’s compromises in the thermal system design. According to a report by MacRumors, It was initially speculated that TSMC’s 3nm node for A17 Pro chip could be the reason behind the heating of iPhone 15 Pro model but that is not a reason for overheating.

The new iPhone 15 Pro models have lighter design compared to its previous generations, because to make the device lighter the company reduces the size of heat dissipation area. Even the iPhone 15 Pro model also has titanium and the titanium is a good conductor to dissipate the heat.

Possibly Apple will address the thermal issue through software update, but the chances of improvement are less until Apple plans to lower the performance of A17 Pro Chip. According to Kuo, If Apple is unable to properly address this issue, the shipments could be impacted over the life cycle of the iPhone 15 Pro.

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