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iOS 17.1 update to fix iPhone 15 Pro Max screen burn-in issue




  • Later this month, iOS 17.1 will become available.
  • This update includes a fix for the problem with some iPhone 15 Pro Max models’ screens becoming burnt in.
  • But Apple hasn’t made a statement about it.

Since the handsets first became available, the iPhone 15 series has been plagued by several problems. With software updates, Apple has been resolving these problems. A cure for the screen burn-in problem that some iPhone 15 customers have been complaining about will be included in the iOS 17.1 update, which is scheduled to launch later this month. 

iOS 17.1 update to fix screen burn-in issue

  • According to complaints submitted on Reddit and Apple’s support sites, this problem seems to specifically affect iPhone 15 Pro Max devices. In the pictures, the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s entire home screen is obscured by a white blur that makes one think of old TV display problems.
  • This allegedly occurred only three weeks after the iPhone purchase, according to one user. Another user experienced this problem two weeks after using it. One more iPhone 13 Pro Max user commented, claiming that the most recent software update was the cause of this problem.

  • The iOS 17.1 beta update’s release notes state that it “Fixes an issue that may cause display image persistence.” This does imply that the issue with the iPhone 15 Pro Max screen burn-in is being fixed, but we won’t know for sure until the software update is made available.
  • Therefore, it appears that this is a software problem that can be resolved with the future update. Once Apple has made available iOS 17.1, we’ll receive a proper confirmation. 

iOS 17.1 update

The iOS 17.1 release also includes other fixes in addition to this. One is resolving a problem that, when an Apple Watch is transferred or paired, would disable the Significant Location privacy setting. Additionally, it resolves the less responsive keyboard issue with the iPhone. The radiation problem with the iPhone 12 has also been resolved in iOS 17.1.

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