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Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite chipset for laptops officially announced: specifications & features




  • The 4nm production method serves as the foundation for the personal computer chip Snapdragon X Elite.
  • In comparison to rivals, it has double the CPU and GPU performance and uses a lot less power.
  • Along with Wi-Fi 7, the chipset also supports 5G mmWave communication.

New Snapdragon X Elite processor built using the 4nm fabrication process, Qualcomm promises “Best in class performance vs x86 systems”. This chipset is marketed as a “massive leap forward” with a “best-in-class CPU,” AI interfacing, and is one of the most effective PC processors. It is made for personal computing devices like laptops and 2-in-1s. Here is all the information you require.

Snapdragon X Elite: CPU, GPU, power efficiency and AI

The Qualcomm Oryon 3.8GHz CPU with 12 high-performance cores and Dual-core turbo (4.3GHz) is the heart of the Snapdragon X Elite. This processor offers up to 2X more CPU performance than an x86 processor from a company like Intel or AMD (Qualcomm doesn’t say). According to claims, the 4.6 Teraflop Qualcomm Adreno GPU is two times quicker and supports three UHD monitors.

With 68% fewer power usage for the same peak performance, the Snapdragon X Elite is also claimed to provide “leading PC performance per watt”. The CPU can execute 13 billion or more parameters for AI features on-device and can produce 30 tokens per second for 7 billion LLMs. It is the first PC CPU with a “Always-Sensing” ISP and offers 4.5X the AI NPU processing of rivals.

Snapdragon X Elite: connectivity and more

Peak download and upload speeds of 10 Gbps and 3.5 Gbps, respectively, are supported by the chipset’s 5G mmWave technology. Lossless audio transmission is possible thanks to Wi-Fi 7 and Bluetooth 5.4 capabilities. SD v3.0, NVMe SSD over PCIe Gen 4, UFS 4.0, and LPDDR5X RAM with up to 136GB/s bandwidth are also supported.

Along with 4K HDR video recording, Snapdragon X Elite also supports up to a single 64MP or twin 32MP cameras. Up to two 5K 60Hz external displays and an internal UHD 120Hz display are supported by the gadget. For up to 4K HDR video streaming, AV1 encoding and decoding is also supported. 3 USB-C ports with USB4 or 2 USB3.2 Gen2 or 1 eUSB2 port are some examples of interface types.

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