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WhatsApp Desktop now has “View Once” option




  • View Once pictures and videos can now be sent by desktop WhatsApp users.
  • This feature has returned to the desktop after being deleted a year ago.
  • It may be accessed through WhatsApp Web, Windows, and Mac versions.

WhatsApp Desktop now has "View Once" option

In 2021, WhatsApp unveiled the “View Once” function for vanishing images and videos. This feature allows you to send single-view photographs and movies to other users in the chat. After that, it vanishes and the picture or video is not kept in the conversation. This feature is now available on WhatsApp’s desktop apps and browser version.

View Once feature is added to WhatsApp desktop apps

The View Once functionality for WhatsApp Web, WhatsApp for Windows, and WhatsApp for macOS is now being rolled out. The newest versions of these apps will support the new feature. It has just begun rolling out, so if you haven’t gotten it yet, it should be available within the next few weeks. 

The desktop versions of WhatsApp had access to this feature, but it was supposedly taken out a year ago for privacy concerns. However, it is now reintroducing the feature. 

How to use WhatsApp desktop to share View Once images and videos

  • Sending View Once images and movies is possible if you use WhatsApp Web or its desktop software on Windows and Mac.
  • All you have to do is take a picture or record a video, select the View Once symbol, and then click the submit button to complete the procedure. It’ll be shown directly above the “Send” button.
  • Your picture and video will be transmitted in View Once mode when you do this. After opening it, the receiver will only be able to see it once. 

The recipient can still take a screenshot of the image or record the video using their device, even though it appears secure and confidential. Look at Even after they have been opened, pictures and videos are also indicated in the conversation.

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