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WhatsApp will soon starts cross-messaging, user will need to opt into message other app: report




  • WhatsApp might soon allow cross-messaging with other encrypted messaging apps.
  • The new feature is being developed due to the Digital Markers Act by the European union.
  • Currently there are no known third-party apps that will connect with WhatsApp for interoperability.


WhatsApp will soon offer its users cross-messaging capabilities with this party apps.  This change became relevant due to the new Digital Market Act rolled out by the European Union, designation Meta (WhatsApp’s parent company) as a “gatekeeper” and mandating it to allow third parties to interoperate with their own services within a timeline of six months.

WhatsApp interoperable chat

According to a report by Wired, We now know how the interoperability of WhatsApp will be with other apps. As per the Digital Markers Act, Meta has been designated as “gatekeeper”, essentially an entity that has a significant grasp over its area of operation.

Interoperability in both WhatsApp and Messenger will focus on facilitating text messaging, sending images, voice messages, videos and files between two individuals, as mandated by EU rules. Call and group chats will have this functionality later.

Dick Brouwer, an engineering director at WhatsApp, shares with Wired that on of the crucial requirements for the new function is for users to opt-in and the feature won’t be turned on by default.


Only users who opt in for the functionality can use the cross-messaging functionality, and the emphasis on such is to combat spam and scams. This would work the same way for others to text people on WhatsApp without having to create an account.

Cross-messaging functionality could work in a few ways such as apps that can use Signal-encryption protocol or other encryption protocols compliant with WhatsApp’s security standards.

WhatsApp third-party apps will need to connect to WhatsApp’s server in order for you to receive messages from them. According to Brouwer, third-party developers also add a proxy between their apps and WhatsApp’s server, which makes the process easier but also poses significant security risks.

What messaging services will be connecting with WhatsApp?

The Wired report further states that, as of now, there have been no major messaging services that will connect with WhatsApp for interoperability. As per Wired, “The majority companies didn’t respond to the request for comment” Snapchat and Discord replied that they had “nothing to add”.

WhatsApp has until March 2024 to implement the feature, as per EU’s deadline. It’s also important to note that, as Brouwer, Interop chats and WhatsApp chats won’t evolve ar the same pace due to the difficulties of evolving an open network.

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