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Whatsapp News Voice status feature live, Whatsapp Campanion live for iPhone users: How to use




  • Whatsapp Voice status feature live
  • Whatsapp Companion also live for iPhone users
  • Whatsapp adds many useful features

Whatsapp Voice status

Whatsapp is rolling out many useful features. Recently Whatsapp rolled out the sended message edit feature and now the company rolled out the Voice status feature, Previously users only add the images, videos, text message in status and now users will also be able to add the voice message in the status.

Whatsapp Voice Status feature: How to use

  • Firstly, update your Whatsapp
  • Then in the Status section, Click on the Pencil edit icon on the right bottom corner
  • Then you will get the Mic icon, when you hold the icon the 30 Sec audio will start recording
  • If you want to cancel the audio recording, So slide left the audio icon
  • Otherwise select “Who can see My status update”, then upload it

Whatsapp campanion for  iPhone users

Whatsapp Companion mode

Whatsapp companion mode allows you to use the same Whatsapp account on multiple devices at same time for iPhone users, For now this feature is only available between your smartphone and your laptop or desktop if both devices are nearby to each other. With Companion mode users can use Whatsapp on multiple devices at same time.

How to use the Whatsapp companion mode

  • If you use a secondary smartphone, So download the Whatsapp
  • After download the Whatsapp, when you come on the Mobile number registration page
  • Below the Mobile number option, You will get the Or option
  • Link this device to an existing account, Click on it
  • Then it will show a QR Code, Scan the QR code with your Primary smartphone
  • Then your Whatsapp account will be linked, You can access all stuff

This feature is recently available for android users and now iPhone users also can use this feature.

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