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WhatsApp users now can create, share AI stickers: how to do it




  • For WhatsApp, Meta has introduced AI stickers in a few locations.
  • The English language explanations for WhatsApp’s AI stickers are currently functional.
  • Users of WhatsApp can now report any AI sticker they deem objectionable.

Recently, Meta added additional AI capabilities to improve user experience. These features include customizable AI stickers for WhatsApp as well as tools for creativity, expression, and productivity to build online connections. The tech giant has now made AI stickers for WhatsApp available in some locations after beta testing.

Details about AI strikers on WhatsApp

The business claimed in a blog post that the AI sticker function will provide WhatsApp users the ability to improve their chat experience. They said that their AI tool can swiftly convert user word prompts into a variety of distinctive, high-quality stickers by utilizing technology from Llama 2 and their fundamental image generation model, Emu.

The only languages that WhatsApp’s AI stickers presently work with are English descriptions. Users must therefore submit English-language descriptions in order to create AI stickers. Additionally, Messenger, Instagram, and Facebook Stories all have access to this new functionality.

Making AI strikers on WhatsApp: Follow these Steps

  • Open WhatsApp on your smartphone.
  • Open a WhatsApp conversation
  • Select the “More” button (often denoted by >).
  • Select “Create.” When prompted, select “Continue.”
  • Give the sticker you’re making a description in writing.
  • Up to four stickers may be generated for you.
  • You can revise your description and try again if necessary.
  • To send a sticker, tap on it.

Users of WhatsApp have the option to report any AI sticker they deem offensive. Users can press and hold the sticker they want to report, tap the “>” button, select “Report,” and then hit “Report” to report an AI sticker that was generated automatically in response to a text prompt but may not be correct or appropriate.

Contrarily, it has been claimed that Meta’s Emu AI system allows users to create inappropriate content linked to firearms and nudity while simply limiting certain explicit terms. Professor Tama Leaver of Curtin University, who specializes in internet studies, posted his research on Emu’s sticker production on X (formerly known as Twitter).

He learned, for example, that the AI would reject the usage of the term “child with gun” and display a warning notice informing the user that the input violates Meta’s Community Guidelines. Emu can, however, create stickers in response to a particular, uncommon instruction like “child with grenade.”

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